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 Filler - See rant below

Filler - See rant below
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The rant below was written before the latest mishap that means once again the comic will be late. Sorry guys. Things are just that little bit of extra crazy recently. We should be back on track by next week.

Well hasn't this been a horrible week! More indirectly horrible for me but still! I leave for four days and I come back to wonderful messes!! Anywho, sorry about the lack of updates last week. We had some problems with the site but they're fixed now. So hurrah!! My week was quite cool. I went away to Galway with the fabulous Dermo and Ivan, also my cousin Ronan who is equally as fabulous! Fun was had, drink was drank, blood was spilt. Just once I'd like to send Ivan home to his mother with absolutely nothing wrong with him! We got my cousin's old Sega mega drive and played original sonic and street fighter 2, and I kicked Dermo's ass when he was Chun-Li. Mwhahahahaha!!
Anyway, nothing else much I can report. Hopefully things will quiet down when I get back to college. I've just been staying in watching Robot Chicken and Daria recently. Of course since it's about 6 weeks til exams, I should hit full panic stations soon. So at least that will be interesting.....
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