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 Connect Four was too Stressful

Connect Four was too Stressful
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This just in: George W. Bush is a prime target for cartoonists!! SHOCK!! HORROR!! That joke came to me as I was watching these two morons grin like the trained monkey's that they are in front of the news crews on Paddy's day. Two questions spring to my mind. One, surely they could come up with a better way to present the Shamrock than just have it sitting in a goddamn bowl. Does anybody know anything about presentation?? It might have been a goddamn bowl of potato salad for all the aesthetics it had. And second of all, what is so fucking essential about Goddamn shamrock that a leader has to be absent from his home on the his national own official holiday?

Yeah, I'm not in the best of moods tonight. For that, I apologise. Things haven't exactly been going my way since Monday, and its beginning to show, I think. Long story shirt, please don't be too pissed off if Monday's comic is late. Or becomes Tuesday's comic. I'm just giving you advanced warning that may well be a possibility. I'll tell you more about all this when its clear what's going on.

Also, the web comic list seems to be down. I had a great incentive done for Monday, and I can't even upload it. If anyone has any recommendations for another Webcomic voting site, please tell me. I only went with the web comic list because Theatre Hopper, Joe Love's Crappy Movie's and San Antonio Rock City seem to live in the top 3, so at least if Drastic did well, it would mean something, the voters obviously know what they're doing if those three comics do so well.


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