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 The Elephant In The Room

The Elephant In The Room
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First of all, I have to give a "shout out" (as I believe the cool kids are calling it on the playground) to my friend Denee. Its her birthday today and I just thought I'd embarrass her by wishing her a happy Birthday for all the world (well, all those people who read Drastic anyway) to see. Happy Birthday Denee. Have a great one. You crazy, French baguette you. FUN FACT: Baguette is a French bread roll.

So Paddy's day. Hooray. Nothing like a like a slave driven Welsh sheep herder who told a few snakes to fuck off to better personify our country. If that sounds like me being bitter, sorry. Me and St. Patrick have some history. That whole snake thing is bollocks and I got persecuted for my opinions early on in life. I was told to leave the class when I was 7 years olf for asking (what I thought was the perfectly reasonable) the question "How did St.Patrick get rid of all the archaeological evidence too? Did he make it so that snakes never existed in Ireland at all??Ē And with that, I was kicked out. So like I said, me and St. Paddy have some history. Whenever I meet him, we're going to have some words about telling tall tales, believe you me.

In Pro-Wrestling Circles, It is ON. Till the break of dawn. Or like Donkey Kong. Maybe, I'm pretty out of touch with the Wrestling World, outside of Hulk Hogan. We are all hulk maniacs at heart.

Also, i have a favour to ask. I'm going to try and read a book a week from now on. And when I say "book" I really do mean the kind with more words that pictures. Infact, no pictures at all would be ideal. If you guys know of any books that you all feel I "have" to read, please donít hesitate and email me what you'd like me to read. I have really know idea where to go after I finish "On the Road" by Kerouac. I found it pretty incomprehensible a few years ago, but maybe my luck will fare a little better now.

Anyways, I'll see you all again on Thursday

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