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The Envy of all Men
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I really hope everyone is buying "Truth, Justin and the American Way." I got a glance at it yesterday as I sorting through the new books so they could out on the shelves later on that evening. From What I can I tell, it's a fresh, bright and more importantly hilarious book. Quality notwithstanding, I'm fascinated by how this book will sell. I will be watching the customers with an eagle eye to see how interested people are in it. Why am I fascinated?? Because, its written by Webcomic Giant, Scott Kurtz. I hope the sales figures will help me sort out a few things for me. Like what IS the bleed over from people who read your web comic on a daily basis to those who like your strip enough to actually pay money for your product??

I'm fascinated because webcomics like PVP has readership numbers that will make Dan Didio and Joe Quesada cry with envy. Penny-Aracde released during the week that they have between 2 and 3 million people viewing the site. Two to three MILLION. Now, let's put all this in to context. If Marvel or DC sell a comic in the region of 200,000 copies, it's a very, very good day. In fact, numbers that high barely even exist in today's market. 150,000 is a much more achievable figure for a top selling book. To put that number into context again, there are 150, 000 people reading Questionable Content right now. A western published comic book hasn't sold in the millions in a good ten years. Can you imagine what would happen if Tycho and Gabe brought out a book of original material and everyone who was a Penny-Arcade fan bought it? That means that a single issue of theirs would easily shift 2,000,000 copies. I'm telling know that would rock the comic s world like nothing we've seen in a long, long time.

I would love to see people like Jeph Jacques, Joe Dunn and Mitch Clem almost take a step down a draw or even write comics for Marvel or DC. If they can guarantee they can bring they're readership with them, they should be given free reign to do whatever the fuck they want to do. And I'm not talking about superheroes. I'm talking about shit that will actually sell outside of the "direct market" mentality. Because people will buy it. People will spend their hard earned $2.99 or 4.00 on 36 pages of a comic book because they love NN2S??

Its certainly a question I can't answer on my own.

But if you can get your fans to buy a $17.99 on a t-shirt, surely $2.99 for a comic is an easy feat?

Well, anyway, that's your lot for today.


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