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 Nobody Saw That One Coming

Nobody Saw That One Coming
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First off kids,
voting time!!!
Weíre trying to make our presence felt outside of Trinity College and Millarworld. The best way we reckon this can be done is buy making a really big splash on The Webcomic List. So make the clicky to vote and see the pretty creepy yet awesome incentive sketch I drew you guys.

Remember, you can vote everyday, but you donít have too. If we start pumping out strips everyday, then work away with the daily voting. But until then, donít worry. If you want to vote everyday, grrreat. But you donít have too.

Anyway, Iím feeling awful, so this going to bea short news post
Iíd just like to thank my good buddy Dina. For helping me out when I was totally panicking last week about the strips as I was having SUCH a hard time writing them.. Seriously, it was the worst time I have ever had trying to write something. It was actually terrifying. So, Dina was kind enough to offer some really helpful feedback and voliá, you have this week comics. Thanks Dina. Check out her blog, its Sababa!!! Thatís Hebrew for cool, fact fans. Drastic comics, both entertaining and educational

See you On Monday,

Hello people. Just a quick word to say the mailing list is up and running again, so if you'd like a reminder of when to get your drasticy goodness, email me and say you want to be included on it. Equally if you're sick and tired of us and would like to be removed from the list, just let me know......

Ooops, I completely forgot to post this last night along with the other stuff.

The first panel of todayís strip is actually a homage (Not a swipe, Johnston) to my favourite non snow related Calvin and Hobbes ever. Hereís the strip itís self. And click here for the The COMPLETE searchable Calvin and Hobbes Archive. I deem it a completely worthy way to spend an afternoon. Or an entire weekend, for that matter. Bill Waterson is so talented that it makes me want to cry sometimes.

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