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 Any Excuse To Talk About Donny

Any Excuse To Talk About Donny
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Blah! Crazy weekendness! My poor step-sister Sarah went away to do a college presetation in London. So her room was once again "decorated" by myself and her boyfriend Eoin because we got bored. Pictures of the randomness can be found here
In the back ground of some of the pictures you can see the post-its from when she went away last time and Eoin and I wrote out fortunes on a thousand post-its and covered her bathroom. We had to move them out into the bedroom because they were loosing their stickiness.
Anywho, I've slept 16 hours in the last 72 so there's not much that's making sense to me right now. I'm on my email if people need me.
Later days!
Natalie Portman, you rock. I didnít even think that was possible after seeing Anywhere but Here. Bravo. This is also awesome, but no where near as cool as whatís on the first link. Andy Sandberg and the Lonely Island crew are best thing to happen to Saturday Night Live since Will Ferrel. Or so Iíve been told. Being Irish, I have never seen an episode of SNL ever. Iíve only seen clips online, so I canít comment on it in any real way. But anywaysÖ.

UPDATE: The you tube version of her badass monolugue was taken down. Poor Natalie, all she wants to do is drink and fight

My good friend and comic book retailer, John Hendrick, left me and Derek Glennon, (the waiter is modelled after him) in charge for the whole damn weekend. I learned a lot over weekend, mainly that is really no accounting for taste. I man honestly, how can people still be enjoying Infinite Crisis?? I get a head ache every time I read the damn thing. DC have been building up to these 7 issues for what a year and a half now?? Werenít there like 102 ďessentialĒ issues that were ďabsolutely integralĒ to this 7 issue mini series?? Now, with that in mind, with all that planning, how come the actual Infinite Crisis book is late and plagued with fill in artists?? They managed to organise a whole mess of writers and artists for this series and yet, after all that, its still late and is a garbled visual mess because of all the fill in art. But thatís just me. I let taste and opinion get in the way of buying my comics. Silly me.

I donít want to talk about the happenings too much, as Iím going to use a lot of what I got out of the weekend in a couple of strips down the line. Thereís a good reason, thereís a comic book shop right next door to the record store you know.

Also, people are just shit. How we call are ourselves an evolved race when atrocities like this happen??

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