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 Ever Danced With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight?

Ever Danced With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight?
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There's a more substantial rant coming I swear. Its just really late and I'm not too impresed with technology at the moment and my over reliance on it.

I'll post more later on, I promise

So, yeah, I thought Id sleep and write this, but fuck it, you know me, and that just would not happen at all. Also, before you get curious about that Batman quote as the title and there not being a badly made up Jack Nicholson phoning in a performance to be seen, its that Iím dancing and Gill is the devil. I realised that my lateral thinking in regards to the titles may be leading to a lot of undo confusion, especially with this strip. The main thing is, that it is like a shining beacon of hope in my mind that it makes perfect sense in my head. And thatís all you need to know.

Well, I made my first stab at writing that didnít involve swearing or anything like that. itís a review for the online magazine Fractal Matter. Its best viewed through Internet Explorer for the time being as it looks weird of Firefox. Anyway, I reviewed David Petersonís comic, ďMouse Guard.Ē hereís the review Hope you like it.

I honestly donít have anything more to add so far.

Iíll update with more fun stuff later


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