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what a weekend! Met up with old school friends, Ireland beat Wales in rugby, replayed and finished Day of the Tentacle. Which I forgot how much I loved.
Oh yes, and there was riot in the city center!

Ireland's history is colourful to say the least. But what happened on Saturday had little to do with politics or beliefs. It had to do with freedom of speech and I suppose I have an oddly liberal view when it comes to this.
Change the situation: take an extremist group who views I disagree with, let's just say KKK or something like that. While I might not like what they're saying, I think they have the right to say it. I'd prefer if they didn't express what I consider to be their "wrong" point of view, but I also believe that if you put any restrictions on speech, it's one step away from restricting all kinds of free speech. What's more, I'm sick of these close-minded liberals who think that just because they're trying to save the world, no other views are important.
Do I think the Orange men should be allowed march? Yes, it's a tradition and part of their heritage and culture.
Do I think they should have been allowed march in Dublin? No, because as was the case, it was just asking for trouble.
It was like letting the KKK march in Harlem. It's purposely provoking sensitive situations and the whole thing could've been very easily avoided.
Sometimes you have wonder what the government is thinking.........
I know what the government should be thinking. "What's the funniest and most humiliating way we can fire Michael McDowell??" Calling what happened on Sunday a "fiasco" is a insult to fiasco's across the globe. As much as it pains to me to say it, this march should have not taken place at all. This city is just not to be trusted to let a loyalist parade march down through Dublin and behave in a responsible manner. We just can't be. Its shit, of course. But that's the harsh reality of it. And yet, here's the hilarious part. If Sinn Fein or a republican organisation similar to "Love Ulster" wanted to have a parade to honour all those killed through Loyalist violence through the middle of Belfast?? You could hear the laughter coming from Storemount in Cork. it's a completely moronic and incredibly naive idea.

That being said, words cannot express my blind, indignant rage of those disgracing the Irish flag with acts of wanton violence across the city under the banner of "Republicanism" Congratulations guys, you have just sent relations between us and the North back a good ten years, you selfish cunts. If you were so proud of what you were doing, why hide your face?? Are you ashamed of what your doing? Or are you just cowards?? I'm going with the latter, as I can guarantee you most of those scumbags throwing bricks another pieces of debris couldn't pick Michael Collins out of a line up. Most of them would most likely choose Liam Neeson.

Seriously, grow the fuck up and read a history book and learn what real Republicanism means.

See you On Thursday.
© 2005,2006 Adam Murray