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 One Might Think Its The Car, But I Want The Butler

One Might Think Its The Car, But I Want The Butler
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Whenever a major event by DC or Marvel comes along it becomes abundantly clear that some people really should not read comics at all. It is obviously too stressful a task to separate fiction from reality. Please, it's only fucking comics! It is not a matter of life and death. If it gets like that, maybe you need to take a step back and not buy comics for a while. Switch to trades or something. Or get off the decaf, for the love of God, because you need to chill out. Getting all pissy and distraught when a writer kills your favourite character is not the way grown-ups should behave. Besides, comic book characters can't die. I'm not talking in broad, semiotic, iconic strokes here. I'm saying comic book characters can't die for the simple reason they never existed in the first place. They are the figments of a writer's imagination and not flesh and blood and therefore cannot be killed. So please relax

Also, I'm totally bending a Bill Hicks quote here, but it's appropriate : If you have a problem with comic book characters dying, I suggest taking a look at the world around you and…shutting the fuck up.
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