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 I Want The Drugs Frank Miller's On

I Want The Drugs Frank Miller's On
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So, Batman is going to fight terrorists. Good god. This is not a sly satirical jab at the terrorised world we live in, but oh yes, a straight up piece of propaganda. Way to go Frank Miller, you fucking Nut Bar.

Hey, remember when Frank Miller wrote good stories? I do. Just barely though. I can see no need for this book to exist. At all. Frank Miller says and I quote:
"Not to put too fine a point on it -- it's a piece of propaganda, Batman kicks al Qaeda's ass.Ē
"I wish the entertainers of our time had the spine and the focus of the ones who faced down Hitler, I just think it's silly to have Batman out chasing the Riddler when you've got al Qaeda out there."

Frank Miller: trailblazer, arrogant pup and 5 years too late.

I think we need to focus on that line about entertainers facing down Hitler. I donít seem to remember that newsreel of Bob Hope, Groucho Marx and Jack Benny parachuting into Berlin with the primary goal of popping Hitler one in the mouth. Also, Miller seems to be forgetting modern entertainers like Matt Stone and Trey Parker, Jon Stewart, and if he were alive today, Bill Hicks. Because they face down the real threat to American safety every day. So please, Frank, just please, for me, shut up. Go to Hollywood, make some serious money and stop making comics, because its obvious you donít really care for the medium anymore. This is not a piece of propaganda you are writing, this is a desperate, desperate cry for attention. Because I know youíll be everywhere when this book hits the shelves. Youíll be in newspapers, TV, everywhere. Iíll be eating my breakfast, turn on Sky News, and there youíll be. Talking about how we need this book. Really? We do? Did forget terrorism is a bad thing? I didnít. I really canít imagine anyone ever forgetting 9/11 in this lifetime. So please Frank, shut up.

Also, its weird for him to think that this is first bit of propaganda in like 50 years. I mean, hasnít turned on ANY news broadcast in the last few years? Guess not.

Iím really sorry that I came off so ranty and foyboyish there, but I couldnít not say it. itís a shame because I loved Frank Miller. Born Again was the first comic I ever read. I was seven years old at had a massive affect on me. Same with Year One and Man Without Fear. And Dark Knight Returns literally changed my life. No joke. And I donít care what people say, Dark Knight Strikes Again was a wonderful, wonderful book. As long as you donít take it as a literal sequel to DKR, its great. But know? Pfft. Everything about him leaves a nasty tatse in my mouth. Back in the day, he admonished Wizard magazine and publically ripped up a copy of Wizard at the Eisners. Now, nearly ten years later, you canít keep him out of Wizard and Wizard World conventions. I was reading the book Dark Horse published last year, Eisner/Miller, and two things become clear. One, Will Eisner is an incredibly great guy and two, Frank Miller is a self centred asshole. Itís a shame when you see the strings and it ruins the show. I wish this shit wouldnít get to me. I mean, Metallica have to be the biggest bunch of pricks of the planet and I canít wait to see them in June. Literally, canít wait.

Oh well. See you on Thursday.


EDIT: Also, I canít believe I forgot to mention Michael Moore. Howís that for you fabled ďmoxyĒ Miller? Heís all but taken a shit in the Rose Garden and stood outside the White House waving a banner saying ďGeorge Bush is a cunt.Ē But of course, that would invalidate youíre point, so of course you ignored it. Smooth..

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