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 Only If Dreams Come True

Only If Dreams Come True
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Hey hey, Colin Farrell’s back. Not to be self congratulatory, but it kind of weird to see how much Drastic is essentially evolving with every strip. Each time I sit down at the wacom to draw the strip, I never think “oh man, I gotta try this new style” I just sit down and draw, with a view to be being better than I was before. Its cool to see this stuff changing all the time.

The New World is actually great. Which surprised me, as I really thought it’d be just ok. Its Terrence Malick, and I was only seeing this out of respect for Badlands. That was a terrific film and is to my mind, a landmark of cinema. There is just something so raw and yet so tender about it, which makes it unique. But honestly, what was The Thin Red Line about? What in God’s name was anyone thinking?? I have only fallen asleep twice during a film in the cinema and The Thin Red Line can hold its head up high as being the first film to achieve that honour. The second was King Kong, but that was because I was in the pub the whole afternoon before that and being presented with a perfect slice of depression-era Manhattan was unsatisfactory as I really wanted was a big slab of “70 foot Gorilla beats the shit out of stuff.” But I saw it again and didn’t succumb to the sandman, so it was just the beer.

But anyway, the New World. A couple of things wrong with it, mainly due the fact that not one reporter could get over the fact Q'Orianka Kilcher was 14. My main thoughts were “dude, that is hot, but SO illegal” But seriously, it’s a really pretty and well told film. I can think of worse films to see, but I’d definitely check out Walk the Line and Brokeback Mountain before seeing the New World. Already seen them? Great. Go see The New World then. For a much more comprehensive and quite frankly, better review, read Joe Dunn’s review

Also, my favourite part of the film? Colin Farrell says next to nothing during the entire movie. High five’s all round.

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