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 We're also available for children's parties

We're also available for children's parties
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This comic actually happens too much in real life.
Adam and I have a habit of scaring the children when we get into any kinda of a normal conversation in public. Of course nothing is as bad as when Ivan and I get together. Then sometimes even our friends ask us to stop. Which rarely works. But I don't think anyone ever expected it to.

I don't like sports.
I don't really get them. I mean I understand the rules, but I never understood the appeal.
If I wanted to watch grown men getting sweaty and excited with each other, I'd borrow some of Adam's gay porn. I don't watch any football, I don't follow any team and I usually complain if someone tries to watch something when I'm around. I'm your average hating-sports girl.
However once a year, a strange thing happens. The six nations rugby starts. And for reasons unknown to all, I'm addicted. I watch all the matches, much to Sarah's annoyance. I don't know why this happens. And I think it's rather strange. It's not like I enjoy rugby the rest of the year, just at this point in time. It's been this way for a few years now.
I'm in no way athletic, in fact even for a computer scientist I'm considered pretty damn lazy!! I need heart and lung transplants when I walk up the stairs.
So when I say that I could currently single-handedly beat the Irish team, you know it's bad.........
The last quarter of the France match was great! I remember when we used to play like that for the whole 80 minutes!
Really brief rant today, I'm f*cking knackered and this really hasn't been the most quiet of weekends, I'll make a much more substantial post of Thursday.

Also, Joe Dunn rocks. I know we technically paid you to say those amazingly positive things, but seriously, thank you. Your comments about Drastic gave both myself and Gill a real boost. Its one thing to have people we know to make positive statements, but when its someone we respect as much as you saying those things, it makes it a lot more concrete. Thanks man. On that note, The Coffee Achievers ended this week. It was an awesome comic by Mr. Dunn on art chores and Mitch Clem writing it. It was, in my mind at least, a really special web comic and all I can say is roll on Turnstile!

Anyway, Goddamn, Stephen Colbert is one hilarious son a bitch. In all honesty, The Colbert report is probably the funniest thing I've come across since Fraiser. Don't believe me? check out this "tip of the hat, wag of the finger", this hilarious debate on Torture and his response to the Danish cartoon hoopla if you don't believe me. That last link starts off with a few minutes of the daily show, but its equally hilarious.

Ok that's your lot from me today. See you on Thursday

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