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See also: Digging Up
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So yeah, hopefully, you can start to see the breadcrumbs weíre leaving you down the path of plot and comic development. Itíll be fun. Donít run away yet. Ok I have a lot of things I want to talk about today (seriously, I made like a full list of stuff. Check out how organised I am)

Firstly, if youíre from Joe Loves Crappy Movies, hello and welcome to Drastic. Buckle up. Or if youíre not here from Joe Loves crappy movies, go check it out anyway. It rocks. Also, donít forget The Coffee Achievers, Matriculated and Free Lunch. too. Joe Dunn is a web comic making machine folks. Thank God for folks like him. I really dislike when I type or say ďfolksĒ by accident. Iím leaving that in here to compound my mistake and to serve as a reminder

I know far too much has been said about this already, but Iím going to add my two pence (or my 2.54 cent) to this Mohammed cartoon fiasco. Newspaper publishers, please stop confusing your right to free speech and heaving steaming handfuls of faeces into the fan at full speed.

Also, I heard some unsettling news during the week. 6000 women from this country have given Irish addresses in abortion clinics. The majority of them were under 16 years of age. Theoretically, that number could be much higher as they mightnít have given Irish addresses. So at the very least 115 women ever week are going to England and going to an extremely traumatic experience in a foreign country. Iím talking about this because whenever abortition is brought up in this country, the amount of sanctimonious bullshit we have to wade through is frankly ridiculous.

First off I want to make my opinion startlingly clear on this subject to avoid confusion. Iím pro choice. I believe in a womanís choice to do with ever she wants with her body. As should all men, as quite frankly, if you donít have a uterus, you should just shut up and support these women. Seriously, men will never ever be able to fully grasp the immense gravity of gravity of the situation, so we just step back and support whatever decision these women come too. If they decide to keep the child support them all the way and equally, if they decide that they are just not mature enough and not ready to have a child at such a young age, support them too. Because man can walk away. Women have to deal with this no matter what. For men, itís a choice, an option, women donít have that luxury. So, I repeat my previous statement, if you donít have a uterus, shut up.

So that is my lot for today. Hope you enjoyed todayís comic and Iíll see you bright and early on Monday morning.

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