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 The Whorehouse was Doomed from the Start

The Whorehouse was Doomed from the Start
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I've learned a lot this weekend. Specifically, I need new friends. Or at the very best, ones with a better sense of whimsy. Take this discourse for example.

My friend tells me they're going to Transylvania for Christmas. Now, I have two problems with this. Number one, I disagree with the idea of combining a holiday and Christmas. Christmas is for family and being incredibly uncomfortable with one another while falling asleep in front the TV while getting drunk and over eating, having actual fun just fucks up the balance. Second of all, who really wants to go to Transylvania outside of being able to say they went to Transylvania. The same effect can be obtained by reading an Anne Price novel and listening to cure. I'm not being derogatory, all I'm saying a plane ticket is not needed or necessary to validate a choice in lifestyle.

Now, being the honest (read jackass) person that I am, I gave a half hearted thumbs up and a weak asked "great" escaped my lips, indicating my dissatisfaction. You would too. Its Transylvania, for Christ's sake. Then when my friend told me to pretend to be excited for her. I then let off a literal cacophony of whoops and cheers and general praise for Romania's tourist capital. But then apparently, I was lying. Which is what I was told to do. She then stormed off in a huff.

Seriously, what the hell happened there??

Enjoy today's comic.

See you on Thursday.
I'd like to point out that Adam's not talking about me in his rant. Apparently he has other friends who aren't me........
First off, I'm not stupid enough to want to go to Transylvania.
And second I accuse him of lying to me all the time, even when i know he's telling the truth. This is usually so he'll get scared and flustered and I'm entertained for a small amount of time. But it never ends with me storming off in a huff. Usually Adam's the one that acts like a little girl and will return several hours later with an idea for a comic.

Nothing much else to report. Happy belated Birthday Reilly! and well done on being the only person to fall for the trap of speculation! No, the change to Drastic was/is not Adam and I get together. Much like in real life, we're just friends! :P

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