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 Similar To a Gift Horse

Similar To a Gift Horse
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Way back when I was coming up with ideas for the comic, this strip just popped into my head. Thus was born the "Sideburn." Only because I HAD to do this strip. So the last two weeks are just a lead up if you will to tell this joke. Talk about decompression, eh?? So, one more Sideburn strip and then we make a bold venture into untested waters. Oooooh.

Listen, its nothing major. Its just stretching mine and Gill's creative muscles and focusing Drastic's identity. The main goal will always be the same : to make you laugh. We're just coming up with better ways to do it is all.

If everyone here who read Nextwave and enjoyed it, please, buy Sharknife. Ellis is a BIG fan of this book, (so much so he added a soundbite to the back of Sharknife Vol 1) and its clear that he's been influenced by it. It's a fantastic, fun, enjoyable book, well worth the 10. Its simple and to the poin, extremely surfacey, but its well aware of that and just has fun with its shallowness, which allows for a ton of cartoon action. Love it.

Now, Warren Ellis is an odd one to pin down, at least for me. I mean he's an industry giant. He's created loads of huge titles, like the Authority, Tran metropolitan, Global Frequency and Planetary. And I can't like his stuff. I don't know, it never really grabbed me. The Autority was good and was packed full of ideas and great, but a lot of apreciation goes down to Bryan Hitch, who pencilled his entire run on the book. And I enjoyed his run on Ultimate Fantastic Four immensely, as did I his excellent episode of JLU, "The Dark Heart". I will at least give anything he writes a look, only because I'm desperate to see what ever one else sees in him.

Anyway, see you on Thursday.
17 comics left till the ton and I promise, the sketch dump will be updated this week. I promise.

I haven't been to a gig in so long!
I figured out on my way to the Village on Saturday that the last proper gig I was at was Oxygen.
But then again, that was Flogging Molly which was one of the best bands I've ever seen live,
So I could argue quality over quantity.

I saw Reel Big Fish on Saturday, and I like them! I've always liked them. Sure they're not every ones taste, but they play nice small shows and it's usually a good time. They're not a band that's gonna change your life, but I don't think they expect to, they just play fun music.
Support was Fandangle (i think) and Zebraheads. Fandangle I walked in to hear the last bars of their final song, so I'm not gonna say much except that everyone I talked to said they were average. Zebraheads I had heard good things about, but that turned out to be a horrible lie. This band were fantastically bad, ("Were very good" - Dermo) I don't even know how to describe them other then terrible. This actually happened at one point.... well the first panel at least, but I'm sure they consulted the punk rock rule book afterwards. Someone needs to tell these people that, unlike when they were 5, saying "fuck" as many times as you can in a sentence will not make you cool.

Reel Big Fish delivered large amounts of fun and made up for everything though. This band just enjoy playing their music and you can really tell that when they're on stage. The set list was brilliant, but they didn't play the cover of "Boys Don't Cry" that I've heard they played everywhere else. Security was a joke, I thought the Village had to be taking the piss. Two bouncers don't equal a pit barrier, and they had to be kidding when they told individuals to stop pushing and moshing. Surprise surprise when they pushed people out of the way, the crowd swelled back twice as bad. And oh yes I was right in front of one of the guys! So not only do I have more bruises from him then I do from the whole crowd but at one point he grabbed me and pushed me away by my boobs! Which if you've never experienced it, is wonderfully painful!
Still He said sorry and after that was quite nice to me since I think he didn't want to get sued......

"Sell out, with me oh yea, sell out, with me tonight"

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