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So that dude in the red shirt? He's like a real person. His name is Derek and he made the first ever Drastic t-shirts. Pictures will follow. Oh yes. They're not for sale or anything, I'm just excited someone took the time to make t shirts. Not that I'm biased or anything, but it's the most sartorially elegant piece of clothing I own. But before a deluge of emails start pouring in, I honestly have no idea when Gill and I will be able to sell t shirts as it requires a fair amount of capital to get the ball rolling with that, and we just don't have it at the moment. Sure we could get shitty t shirts printed up badly just to have something to sell, but honestly, fuck that. Like the comic we want everything associated with Drastic to be totally awesome and not crap. So be patient and it'll happen. Eventually.

Man, its not funny how much I am enjoying writing "The Sideburn" Its just too much fun, it's almost criminal, it ought to be a law. Also it's a storyline and its not all in the one and that's great. It's a storyline because they're all about the Ol' Sidey and its not because they can be read in any order because they can all stand on their own feet. Well, Monday's one makes a little more sense after reading today's, but it can still stand on its own and that's the important thing.

Also, ch-ch-changes. Oh yes. I was thinking about it and they're pretty fundamental tweaks about how myself and Gill think about the comic and how we write it. It should really stretch us creatively and help define Drastic as a comic, because honestly I am at a loss on how to define us other than "the most awesome thing you will ever read, ever." Anything more than that and I'm left awkwardly staring at my shoes. I'm incredibly excited about what's going to happen and you'll be too.

So yeah, good times ahead.

Also 18 comics left till the mighty ton.

Any comments, queries and lawsuits go to adam@drasticcomics.com.

So I lied.

I didn't mean to, I swear!
After mondays comic adam and I had a talk about Drastic and where we wanted to take it and all that jazz. Turns out the changes won't be so minor as I first thought.Those of you that actually know us will probably be horribley confused. But let's just remember people, what happens in the comic doesn't actually mean it's happening in real life...........

Wow I've made these changes sound really ominous now!! Mwhahahaha! And you're all gonna have to wait to find out what they are!!

I was trying to write a rant but Apocolypse Now was on tv and i got distracted finding a passage in The Perks of Being a Wallflower so I made some tea...... It's been one of those evenings....

"I would die for you, but I won't live for you"

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