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 Honesty, a Virtue? Maybe?

Honesty, a Virtue? Maybe?
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Before reading on, its important that you read this first

I can just about see where Mr Thompson is coming from in regards to his tirade about violent video games. Just about. Although I'm more of fan of personal responsibility, but I understand that the he has too much nonsense facts about violent video games stored in his head to fit that concept in. I guess we come from different sides on the fence on that one.

To me at least, it takes a special kind of asshole to use the suicide of a twenty year old boy as a soapbox to spout his claptrap from. I mean really. Sure the first amendment gives him the right to say what he wants, when he wants to whoever he wants, but this is just ridiculous. Surely he'd be better served setting up a podium at this kid's funeral? Maybe inviting some camera crews down?? Getting some choice shots of the mother crying, a close up of the father looking broken yet heroic?? Not that I'm saying he won't. Videogames are a evil, lets not forget and those who play them must have their thumbs broken, so their hearts can be filled with Christ.

Sorry, all this makes me furious. I'm actually worried about what he'll do next? Tell the parents who have lost a child due to a road traffic accident that it was their child's fault, really. That they shouldn't have been out of the road or their friends should have known to pull their pre-school friend free of the speeding truck.

I hope he has lost at least some sleep over his self serving actions, but i guess you need a soul to feel actual remorse.

Sorry for getting all indugnent on you guys, but that cunt really crossed a moral line going on about that kid and i had to say something.

See you thursday

I know what you're thinking, "Holy crap, Drastics running somewhat of a story-line!" I'm scared too kids.
Hopefully this might be the start of some minor changes to Drastic over the next while. No we're not gonna do some ridiculous story with fiery explosions and kidnappings, we're just thinking of fleshing out and expanding our own characters a bit. Although knowing me and Adam, the changes will probably be so minor as to not be noticed at all.......

So this is weird! Me ranting and all. Haven't done one of these since well before Christmas. So here's my over-due holiday greetings and hopes that you're all having a good new year! I would like to say I've been wonderfully busy and have many reasons as to why I couldn't take 20 minutes to sit down and write out a few lines on whats been going on, but the truth is nothing was going on so there was nothing to write about. And since doing nothing takes a lot of effort, I simply didn't have any free time!

One of the many things that has been amusing me in recent times is the blog of a guy i know. Will's blog is some of the funniest stuff I've read in a very long time. He's only been posting for about 2/3 months, and it's not very regularly updated, in fact there' s only about 10 posts altogether. But personally I'll take quality over quantity every time. And Will makes nothing but absolute gem's of posts! Read the archives, bookmark the link and check for updates every now and then, it'll be worth it!

As ever i'm on my email, should people feel the need for contact.

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