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 I Have You Right Where I Want You

I Have You Right Where I Want You
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This, I'm sure, is pretty through to life. No wonder superheroes have to make an entrance. No wonder they have to leap through a window and land on a henchmen's kidney's to make their presence felt. If some dude just walked up to you in their underwear or in a get up that wouldn't look out of place in an S&M club and just said, "Hey, you mind not being a dickhead?" Of course you'd laugh. Of course it wouldn't happen, because superheroes don't exist, but I spent 45 minutes yesterday trying to figure out would shots just ricochet of Superman or merely just hit him and slide off, leaving a rug of flattened bullet heads around him?, so cut me some slack ok?

Childish and silly as they may be, I have a healthy distrust of people of comic book readers you can't find superheroes inherently cool. I'm not saying that superhero comics are the be all and the end all, far from it. I'm just saying that to right off people dressing up in gaudy costumes and beat up bad guys as a genre is to me really snobbish. I mean, just because they were cool when you were little, how come that makes them automatically un-cool now that you have pubic hair? Seems silly to me. Of course I've read books that don't have Superheroes and they rock. In fact, most most superhero books at the moment are pretty sucky, but that doesn't mean the genre should be thrown out.

On that note, everyone should read Scott Pilgrim. It is quite frankly pure love on paper. It's one of the most honest, original, hi-goddamn-larious, and the best book I've read in years. You owe it to yourself to read this. You can't call yourself you're a comic book fan unless you have both Scott Pilgrim books on your shelf. It is literally that good. It's done by the by the awesome Bryan Lee O'Malley in original graphic novel digests. No issues, just 180 pages every few months. Its brilliant and I can't recommend it enough. Now, Book 3 is out pretty soon, and I hope to be able to announce something cool about Drastic and Scott Pilgrim but its all up the air, but watch this space.

Seriously, read Scott Pilgrim. And with that I bid you adieu. All complaints, congratulations or general connotations of consternations go to adam@drasticcomics.com. Also, it's not too late to sign up for the mailing list.

See you on Thursday.

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