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Who is this mysterious naked man in the alley? Friend or fiend? Find out next week, same Drastic time, same Drastic channel!!

This is the first 4 panel comic I've done since July, I think. it was comic 45, anyway. Check it out and go "ooh, Drastic changed a lot" But anyway, four panels. I can't help thinking I've failed in someway, because I couldn't write the joke in for panels. But It couldn't be avoided, I'm certain. I'm going to shut up now as all this over thinking is just hurting my head.

Also, "they" seem to making a film out of Torso. But remember, no matter what they say in the press or TV or wherever you see Bendis's face, Marc Andreyko wrote Torso. Bendis just drew it is all. it's a cracking story too. Based on real life to boot. Its about Elliot Ness's first case after the taking down Capone and moving to Cleveland. You should check it out. Thanks to Simon Jones in pointing me to that article. Cheers mate.

Regardless, enjoy today's comic. it's the start of a bit of run for us (maybe even three weeks) But its not a storyline. At least I hope so. I don't want to sell out by accident.

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