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Spoilers be damned!! If you haven't read the second issue of X-Men Deadly genesis by now, you probably never will. DING DONG!! BANSHEE'S DEAD!! WHICH FRANKLY INSULTING AND BORDERLINE RACIST X-MAN? BANSHEE!! Ok, I realise liberties were taken with that tune from The Wizard of OZ, but I don't care. There is nothing I hate more than paddy-whackery and the greatest living embodiment of that in American Comics is gone. Obviously Marvel ignored my suggestions to get an angry mob to storm Cassiday keep and guy the cunt like a fish for misrepresenting the people for so long, but whatcha gonna do?? I'm guess I'm going to have to settle for him stopping a jet with his godaamn face, I guess.

I just hate people taking the piss out of this country due to their ignorance. I guess that's just how it goes with minorities. Native American's have to out with Western's Black people have to put up the image of the Minstrels, Sambo's and the like and us Irish are straddled with the image of being twee, simple, ginger haired, layout drunkards, living from hand to mouth, with a cheeky smile on face. Sigh. Anyways, suffice to say I am not happy with any preconceived notions about Ireland outside of it's a wicked place to go for weekend. Its hard to explain but I hate it when tourist call the place "beautiful" because I feel they've missed the point and are just being patronising. Because I don't see how someone could be here for such a short period of time and then use that adjective. Because to me, my relationship with this country is one beat out over time. I've been here 22 years, and I still don't have much of a clue as is to what this country is or what it trying to say really. It's a long standing thing and for someone to come trouncing in with their adjectives and proclaiming stuff that they don't get the whole deal. Like someone after watching a mere 3 minutes of Back to the Future, calling it the greatest film ever. Personally I think that is the case, but making a statement like that on so little information, is to me patronising. In the extreme. But that's just me.

But Banshee's dead, and I'm happy. My next task? Convince editorial staff that the irish countryside, despite popular belief, is not literally littered with castles, as if they were beer cans around a student flat.

I just want to thank Ivan and his kickass folks for throwing a wonderful shindig on Saturday. Twas Aces.

Cheers guys.

See on Thursday fro more Drasticy goodness

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