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 It Was Either This Or Sports

It Was Either This Or Sports
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So yay 2006!! Also, I've been thinking, if we lived in I dunno, 1977 and we went to a publication like 2000ad and pitched them a story set in 2006 and this was the future you presented?? My God, you'd be laughed out of the place. I know I have stated this before, but I have 9 years to get my hoverboard, so guys, get cracking. Maybe if countries didn't spend billions on weapons each and everyday, and focused their attentions on worthy goals, not just promoting fear and hate, I could be typing this on Mars. On my spaceship. Whatever, all I know is I've been cheated out of my science fiction-tastic future.

Anyway, kids, say hello to Bruno. I think it was about time he got in a comic, and when I thought of this punch line, he was the only one could have been in this comic. Enjoy your 15 minutes of relative fame dude, cos that's all your getting :P

Also, starting in the next few weeks, the Drastic mailing list version I've really lost count at this stage, gets back into full swing. So every time a new comic gets posted, or when the sketch dump gets updated, or whenever we have cool drastic news that we want to share with you guys first, BOOM! Email in your inbox. Just like that. So could you do me a massive favour and email me your address to adam@drasticcomics.com?

Thanks guys, That's your lot for this week.

See you on Monday!

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