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 Non-Denominational Well Wishing

Non-Denominational Well Wishing
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So this is Christmas. In ten days it will be 2006. That's 9 years until 2015 and we can live our dream of driving around in hover cars. But that's really a foolish dream. I'd be happy with a hover-board. Come on, innovators, you have the power. Get cracking. 31 is pushing it to look cool on a hover-board, so times a wasting. I'll be waiting.

Now, because I forgot and I'm sorta a dickhead, It completely slipped my mind to let you know that my brother in web comics, Kyle form Fyshowl, is finally updating again. After a two month lapse, he's back in fighting in fighting form with a Elemental Epic of an Eight part storyline. All updated in one go. I linked to part one, so you can enjoy all eight parts without back tracking. Hooray. Also, try and spot some cameo appearances by two extremely attractive web comic creators as well.

ike I said, anyone who thinks Christmas still has anything to do with the birth of Christ is really just fooling themselves. To me, it isn't about Jesus at all. Its about the inn keeper who let Mary and Joseph in when they had no place else to go. Sure, the stable was hardly the ideal situation, but it was all he had and he didn't have to, but that's beside the point. The point is that the inn keeper did something extremely nice and generous for complete strangers. That's to me, what Christmas should be about. It should be about opening our hearts and helping those who can't help themselves. Getting an Xbox 360 is all well and good, but its entirely supplemental to the idea. The idea of opening our hearts in the spirit of kindness and compassion is one we can all get behind, be we Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu or Buddhist. It'd be ideal to have that idea of generosity in our hearts and minds all year round, but one month out of twelve is a good enough start for me.

In that spirit, I implore all of our Dublin readers to give generously to the annual Belvedere Sleep and Fast Out outside The Bank of Ireland on College Green. They sleep out from 6:00pm on the 22nd and stay out until 6:00pm on Christmas Eve. That's a whole 48 hours they're out there raising money for various homeless charities. Out of those 48 hours, each of the guys will be fasting for 24 of those. The money the collect goes to such fine organisations Fr. Peter Mc Ferry's Homeless boys, Focus Ireland and the Simon Community. Every single penny earned goes directly to these charities and they need all the help they can get. So, if you pass them during those days, don't ignore them, dig deep as every cent counts. Every year, the Sleep Out is in danger of being cancelled more and more, due to safety reasons, so they need to raise massive amounts to show how vitally important this event is. So remember, these are kids of 16,17 and 18, sleeping out in cold Dublin streets, helping those who can't help themselves. So acknowledge their effort by giving generously.

Merry Christmas

© 2005,2006 Adam Murray