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A Calming Influence
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Before we get underway, here's "Thursday's" comic. It was up late if you missed it. Oops. Oh well. Sorry about that. On with the show folks

So yeah, John Spencer died over the weekend. Man that's shit. I mean 58 is far too young to go out. He was one of my favourite things about the West Wing, definitely the best character, but he was a terrific actor as well. I know West Wing was probably his biggest main stream success, but this may have been down to by obscure viewing habits in my youth, he always seemed like such a familiar face to me. In short, I think he rocked and he will be sorely missed. Its funny, I generally don't give a shit about celebrities except in a strictly analytical sense and when I hear news of celebrities I never met or had any interaction with except through my television, I don't really care. But the news of Richard Pryor and John Spencer really hit me. Richard Pryor especially. I heard about his death after the fact, on the Monday after he died, and it was strange as it felt like I had lost someone I knew, like a friend had died. I don't know, I've never had essentially, a stranger's death effect me so much.

Speaking of Richard Pryor, I did rant about him, I just never got a chance to post it.

About the strip, man do I hate those fucking awareness bracelets. Why don't you just give the 2 to the charity so they don't have to spend money on a silicone bracelet so you can prove how trendy/sensitive you are. And whats with calling them "awareness" bracelets anyway? How much of a bubble do some people live in? just look at some of the most "popular" ones (God even trying to think that these as a fashion statement pisses me off to the core) are for Lance Armstrong's "live strong" campaign and Bob Geldolf's "End poverty now" agenda. So you're saying without some ignorant ponce wearing these bracelets, I would be unaware that Cancer and Global poverty are bad things? Way to go buddy, I guess you're a regular Mahatma Gandhi with your bracelets dude. Nice shoes by the way. Thanks for letting know 1987 is cool again. I would have never worked that out on my own. That could have been really uncomfortable for me there fashion wise, if it were not for you and your trendy shoes and even trendier bracelets. Thank you man. From the bottom of my heart, thank you All complaints, praises and donations of love go to adam@drasticcomics.com

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