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So, yeah, 50 cent. Or "fiddy" as he is affectionately known by the grammar and culture impaired. Jesus Christ. I want to state now, for the record this isn't a rap or a hip-hop thing. I'm a fan of it. Jurassic 5, De La Soul, Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Public Enemy, I love 'em. Obviously, not as much as I love Zeppelin, but that's not the issue. The issue is 50 cent is a goddamn sell out whore. And when I say it, know I mean business. Cos When I say you're a sell out, you must be a massive one to even register on my radar.

So he's a popular rapper. Can you imagine how popular he'd be if he relied solely on his ability to rap and not on being stupid enough to get shot 9 times?? "Being shot nine times" is now synonymous with "50 Cent" Judging on his last two albums, not very. Its almost impossible to fathom that rap music was once not totally about singing about how big your dick was or how much money you have or how many pea brained women they so respectfully refer to as "bitches" they boinked. I know its sounds scary and fantastical, but it happened. Believe me.

But back to the case in point.

I read this article over the weekend and it really shook me to my core, so much so that it formed the basis of this weeks comic. Seriously man, you have enough fucking money already, so please shut your goddamn mouth. And also, thanks for promoting the stereotype of the criminally inclined black man as that's what your whole game is about. Now with the amount of fantastic music based games out there, Donkey Konga and Guitar hero just name two, you think that a rapper of 50's standing might be clever enough to lend his name to one of these?? Like a DJ-ing game that incorporated some elements of being an MC?? I dunno, I'm just using my imagination to come up with an idea which isn't a direct goddamn lift off the Punisher Game. And this isn't a censorship issue either. If parents actually dislike their children enough to buy them such a god awful game, fair enough, I doubt anyone will have the stamina to play this for long enough for it to have any kind of impact whatsoever. I just hate how much of a commercial whore he is. And ironically, the game is called "Bullet-Proof," now call me cynical, but I would be of the opinion that being shot nine goddamn times would almost make you the opposite of bullet-proof. Wouldn't you?

50 cent : reason number 23 why Scarface should have never been made.

I also feel the exact same way about Romeo and Juliet. it's a nice story on its own, but it just gives every retard 14 year old couple justification for acting like a couple of retards when their parents put the foot down by thinking they are "starcrossed lovers." Jesus fucking Christ, give me a break.

Ok that's your lot until Thursday. Enjoy guys.

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Cheers guys.

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