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So once again Drastic throws its hat into the ring of fiction once again. I wish. I didn't see Harry Potter with Gill on opening day, because, frankly, I'm far too much of a hypocritical asshole to keep a polite and pleasant tongue in my head while my friends are around me, dressed up as wizards in the cruel grasp of puberty. But I did see it the next day. And yes, I went solely to see the Superman Returns teaser. See what I said about being a hypocritical asshole?? Don't get me wrong, I'm a Harry Potter fan. I love the books, although factors both financial and apathetic have prevented me from reading the latest book. When it came out I couldn't afford it and I've been too lazy to ask someone for a lend of the book. I mean I'm sure I'll enjoy it. I've enjoyed all the other ones. I honestly think, they're fantastically well written books and everyone should read them. Except Order of the Phoenix. That was sheer balls. Speaking of the films, they're also balls. Prisoner of Azkaban was alright, purely for the grace of having some fantastic production design. And this one? Well, it was actually pretty good. Its still feels like the cliff notes of the book and not an actual script, but it was a decent enough way to pass the time. The effects and the set pieces were awesome, I couldn't believe ILM had done some of this, it was so good. I'll come back to potter later, but I have an urge to wax lyrical about Superman.

This is the Superman Returns teaser trailer I'm talking about by the way. I think its awesome. It does its job fantastically. It's a teaser trailer. Its job is to tease. Its only purpose is to prick your interest. The film is 7 months away. That is loads of time to saturate the media with advertisements. The vast majority of people will not have known that there is a new Superman film coming out and this trailer is to make them go "oh". That's all its there for. It's a place holder. It's a 93 second sign that says essentially, "coming soon". Its not a proper trailer and its actually kinda cute that people are treating it like one. God bless the internet. Any excuse to write off Brandon Routh. But I suppose they have every right, as he just arrived on set on the first day of shooting at the precise moment Singer just realized that he completely forgot to cast someone in the key role. So upon seeing Routh stumble onto a closed set, Singer flung a spare Superman costume at him and told him to get to makeup. Of course he didn't have to audition. Oh no, no, no. Don't fool yourself into thinking that he had to prove himself to all the producers and execs in Warner Bros. God no. he was thrown head first in the role, untested and wet behind the ears. Pfft. Yes, pfft. Yes we all know he's an unknown. And yes, studios have cast ineptly before when using unknown quantities. But, they tend to be a lot more cautious when its an unknown actor shouldering the weight of major franchise for a studio who's only significant Box office successes were the Harry Potter films. I'm just saying, that I'm pretty sure Singer and his team knows what they are doing.

I'm literally shocked that people think Jim Caviezel would be a good choice for Superman. In fact, I'm flabbergasted that people think he's suitable for any role. Because show me the film where delivers a good performance and I will subsequently show you the blunt object I'll be using to beat the sense back into you. Because Jim Caviezel is in all honesty, the worst actor I have ever seen. I've seen props convey emotion better. Bah.

Harry Potter films. Yes they're balls. Mainly because, unlike the Lord of the Rings films, there's no love there. At all. It's a basically an excuse to make money. And I know I have sort of carved a nice little "sell out" cocoon for myself, but seriously, I'm not that bad. I'd never mess with Drastic just to make some easy money. But I have no problems with a studio using an artistic endevour to make a boatload of cash. That's their job, after all. But I do have a problem with them jumping on the back of series of books just to make an easy pile of money. At least wait until the books are finished. Or at the very least find a director who loves and cares for these books much more than his pay cheque. One again, I'm in "hopelessly na´ve" mode again. It will pass. Hopefully.

See You on Thurdsday.

My weeks of silence have been due to my computer crapping out on me. Hurrah for knoppix or I would've lost everything. Much thanks to Bruno for doing some kick ass strips. I really should learn how to write comedy or I might be replaced!

As for the minute, I'm doing nothing much. Playing lots of Eternal Darkness. I know I'm several years late to jump on the band wagon, but wow, that game kicks ass. Unfortunately, being chicken-shit means I can only play it with the lights on....... in the middle of the day....... with someone else around.

And I'm still finding myself terrified of the whole thing. Especially since the game played the most evil trick I had ever seen when it pretended to delete all my saved games......

In relation to this weeks comic, yes I did go and see Harry Potter on the opening day, although Adam wasn't with me. I went with people who were in costume. We had a kick ass time and my main memory from the whole thing was that i was trying not to pee for 2 hours.........
However there was no Superman trailer.......

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