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New Blair Order
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I'm well aware that the first draft of Blair's 90 holding period act wasn't passed. But the fact that he wanted such an extreme measure is worrying enough. I mean, ninety days? That's 3 months. That's 2160 hours. That's 129,600 minutes a suspected terrorist can be held for before they can charge them or send them home, knowing that their country is that little bit safer. Christ. Have these people heard of human rights?? Obviously not as Blair is too busy listening to President Bush whispering in his ear to hear anything else. I'm sorry to get all political on you, but Jesus, I'm horrified. Not just of Blair, but of how the world's changing. We all seem to be in the gripped by fear and will go to the most extreme measures to make ourselves feel safe and secure. We are literally shooting our noses off to spite our faces. But all the name of "family." Or at least that's what they want us to believe. Fear is the wool they use to cover our eyes when they want more and more control.

Why 90 days, Mr. Blair? Anything you can get out of them in 90 days you can get out of them in 7, or 3 if you're doing your jobs right? What's the real story here?? This state of affairs is deeply unsettling and how Blair didn't have the decency to resign after the truth came out about the reasons for going to war. The fabrication of documents, the "sexing up" of reports and the blatant lies told to British people to justify their loved ones dying in an unjust war. Sorry for getting all political on you guys. Just the little activist that could is roused in me when I hear shit like this.

Anywhoo, All Star Superman is out on Thursday (well, Wednesday for you smug people in the US) and I recommend you all pick up a copy because this is set to be one wild ride. Its written by Grant Morrison, someone with the greatest imagination of our time and its drawn by Frank Quitely, one of the most stunning and original illustrators you'll ever read. Buy it. You won't regret it.

Anyway, see you on Thursday. If you want to give out to me about the strip or tell me how good it was of whatever, send a mail to adam@drasticcomics.com


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