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 The Morning After Part Two

The Morning After Part Two
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Drawing Superman is just too much fun. Seriously, what's the deal?? He's just great to mess around with. I am so going to draw him more often from now. The possibilities are endless. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Also, check out the Artic Monkeys as soon as you possibly can. They're a really enjoyable band to listen to. Admittedly, I just got the album today. I've listened to roughly four to five times and it hasn't pissed me off at all. So, thumbs up from this end.

So cleaning slates is weird. Had an awkward/surprising conversation that lead to what I think is a clean slate with someone I didn't think I ever talk to again and yesterday I sat down with someone who really wanted to make amends with and Jesus Christ, that couldn't have been more different. I guess in some cases, you really can't erase the past. It's there solely to remind you of where you fucked up, and as a warning not to let that happen again. Essentially, believe no one when they say they've changed, wait for the change before your eyes. Like watching a caterpillar on a high speed camera, change into butterfly. Or, if we're being hip with the kids, watching your pokemon evolve into a bigger drain on your parent's money. (shit do kids still play pokemon?? Christ I feel old right now) Or something. Anyway, talking in the abstract in fun and is recommend wholeheartedly.

Christ, how I hate Christmas. Ok, that's wrong. I love the idea of Christmas. I love the ideas, the notions if you will of peace on earth and goodwill to all men, the giving of presents, the awesome feeling we all get when we're all having great time, because for no other reason, than we should be enjoying ourselves. Those things I love. What I hate, hate is how fucking commercial it is. Every year, every goddamn year, I think, yeah, this is as low as we can sink. There is no way that we collectively as a race can pervert the notion of Christmas any further to suit our own pockets, but no. Once again, that familiar feeling of "Adam's wrong" sweeps over me like a goddamn tidal wave, drowning me in indignant rage. Ho hum.

See you on Monday guys.

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