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 The Morning After Part One

The Morning After Part One
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I've just discovered the joys of listening to albums again. Now more shuffle for me. Oh no. I've seen that life and I now want nothing to do with those dark days. That a lie. I'll bore of this "albums" kick in like 3 days and I'll be back shuffling through songs before they've even started, count my words. 59.

See that up there? The bit that says "Part 1"?? See?? That implies storylines. This week, we'll have a extra special two part storyline written by my friend and Millarworld post-whore, Bruno Batista I asked him to write some scripts ages ago and here we are, I'm drawing one. Because you all seem to have some need to see a storyline in Drastic, I'm doing this. I can't tell you how reluctant I am to do storylines in Drastic. Seriously. I know Gill and the whole world in clamoring around the idea of storylines as if it could cure world hunger or least shut Bono up. Drastic is here to tell jokes. Jokes about comic books, movies, music, being a nerd, having a best friend of the opposite sex, jokes about everything that pops into our heads. First and foremost, this is a vehicle to make you smile, to make you laugh. If we can tell a story that can be told in three panels at a time and stands up when taken out of context, cool, we'll be up our to armpits in gorram storylines. But at the moment, I don't think we're good enough to do that. And I'm sorry, I am not willing to sacrifice the joke for a story moment. Not yet. There's a pretty popular webcomic out there that I no longer read for that very reason. Too much focus on story, not enough focus on jokes. But, everyday, I think we're getting better. The comics are getting funnier, the arts getting better and get this, today I wrote my firt political cartoon. When I came up the joke, I just floored my self. Not to be really arrogant or anything, I just never in my life thought I'd be smart enough to write a political cartoon. See? We're growing. So storyline's may not be that far away. I'm just saying we won't see them now. Deal??

But we have to write decent characters first. Maybe I'm just too much of a Joss Whedon sycophant but I honestly believe that with a stellar cast of characters, the stories write themselves. So, wait and see.

Ok, I'm outta here, I'll see you on Thursday. As usual, all Congratulations, questions and hate mail goes to adam@drasticcomics.com and I respond to every email I get.

Cheers. Thanks for reading

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