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If I Could I Would
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Also, before I get into this weeks rant, how did I not know Trainspotting was written phonetically? How was that major salient detail glossed over?? I was surprised let me tell you.

If I had the means to suspend myself from the ceiling and reveal myself like a ninja to my friends at will, believe me. I would do it. No questions asked. You would actually have to restrain me from doing this. I'm serious. So once again, no originality of concept was involved in creating this. I should just call myself "the guy who posts the most time consuming blog, like ever man" and be done with it. I woild possible have to enlist the help of "you fucking moron, your superhero name is goddamn too long, I should punch you like a horse for so goddamn idiotic lad" as my sidekick/ ward.

Or failing that, I could just give up on this Drastic Comics kick and just re register the site as www.totally-gay-for-batman.com But it is for a good cause this week. Batman begins is an excellent fucking movie. I'm sure I've made my feeling pretty clear about this, but what the hell? I can't get over how good of a film this is. I mean, fuck. Nothing I can say or do at this point in time can neither encourage you nor discourage you to pay money for this. But I would definitely insist on to you all the importance of going down to your local comic book store and picking up a Batman graphic novel. There's a mountain of them to choose from, but if I had to choose,

Year One, by Frank Miller and Dave Mazzuchelli . The semenial batman story and provides the launching pad for a lot of the action seen in Batman Begins (the hardback is only €20 and if I recall correctly the same in dollars)

The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale a 12 part murder mystery escapade beautifully illustrated by Sale while loeb maintains the feel of the Year one world perfectly.

Dark Victory by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale A sequel to Long Halloween, while managing to tell the perfect origin story for Robin.

Broken City by Brian Azzerello and Eduardo Risso The 100 bullets team take on Batman and tell a really personal gripping tale. It's a beautiful book and a show as a side of batman much missing from today's books.

And how could I not mention…

The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller To call this book "important" is a understatement. Its influence spreads far beyond comics and into films too. No DKR, no Robocop, no Unforgiven. It's that important. Amazing read. Pick this up. This is one of "the" comic books. Not just about batman, just of all time.

Christ, I should just get an non ironic pimp hat and just and be fucking done with it. Seriously. If I meet someone I haven't seen in awhile on the street, swear to Christ there will be a goddamn piece of paper in their hand with www.drasticcomics.com written on it by the time they leave. I should be ashamed of myself. But not really.

And comments, queries or death threats go to adam@drasticcomics.com

See you guys on Monday

Happy Halloween!!

PS. For Sale : One new copy of Trainspotting

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