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 Necessary Steps

Necessary Steps
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Before I start, just because there isn't a money shot, doesn't change the fact that its porn. Don't be so naive. I have common sense on my side. If you knocked someone's teeth out with a baseball bat, or if you gently slapped this person across the face, It doesn't matter, Its still assault. There is a sliding scale to these things, is all I'm saying.

If the numbers I'm getting are true, A lot of you reading this are new, so I just want to say hi and welcome to Drastic! Come in have a rummage around see how it fits. If you like it, or hate it and reckon you write better jokes by vomiting up alphabet soup, that's cool. I want to know where you think we're going wrong. To be really honest, I probably won't listen, as Gill will testify, I'm one stubborn son of a bitch. But feel free to try. So anyway, just drop me a line. it'll be great to hear from you.

Jimmy Eat World are great, and being an emo is not. That's the name of the game folks. I for one do not condone songs that encourage or reinforce feelings of meloncholly. I may be in the minority here, but I'm sad and mopey, the last thing I want to do is continue to mope. I do not like being in a bad mood. So the idea of listening to touchy, emotional music which only reminds me how sad I am holds no appeal. While I think Damien Rice's "O" is a great album, if I'm down in the dumps,James Brown is being stuck on, as I want to get back onto to good times. I'll enjoy Mr. Rice a lot more when I'm in a happier mood.

While I'm talking about music and bands and such like, I have a question. Do you like Music? Do you like Bands? Do you like Scooby Doo-esque adventures?? Well, if you ticked all 3 boxes (and why wouldn't you??) Go down to The 3rd Place and Pick up The Amazing Joy Buzzards. The new issue is the first book of the new volume, so its perfect for new readers. Seriously this book is awesome, it's pure honest to goodness fun. It seriously is like Scooby Doo if the guys formed a band. Mysteries are solved, capers are caped and good times are had by all. It's a great book and quite frankly you owe it to yourself to pick this up. I love it and you will too. You won't regret it. By the by, the 3rd Place can be found in Unit 3, Sprangers Yard, Crow Street, templebar Dublin 2. Or just walk out the back door of the Foggy Dew and take a right. Whatever works best, just buy the book.

I got Batman Begins on Saturday and Goddamn is it every bit as good as I remember. I'll talk about more on Thursday, but oh yes, this film is awesome. If I was so inclined I might say it was hella great, but I'm not, so I won't.

As I've said up-rant, we've gotten a big influx of number and I just want to say thank you. Thank you all for paying this comic heed, and taking the time to read this. It means a lot to us. Stick around, we're getting better everyday and both of us downright refuse to let you guys down. Thanks again

See you all on Thursday.

Hmmmmm interesting week in terms of Drastic......
Lots of new people came along to the site, In part due to us causing something of a small stir on certain forums. I don't really understand the fuss myself, But if its generating extra traffic then all I'm thinking is "hurrah!".

After talking to Adam about last Thursdays comic, it became clear that I strongly disagree with him on some of his points. Thing is, it doesn't mean I don't like the comic. Whether I agree or not with what's being said doesn't affect the joke or make it any less funny. I think that joke had several layers to it, and people could take what they wanted from it. And if you opposed what the joke was, you could choose to take insult from it.
Which several people did. I'm just saying, I think it's wasted energy.

As for today's comic, the jury is still out for me on whether Jimmy Eat World is Emo. You're getting into a whole gray area of what defines a genre: the music or the fans?
All I will say is Jimmy Eat World fucking rock.......

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