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Conversation Killers
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So everything could be said about the John Byrne Robotics forum has said already. So I'll just reiterate it. It's a scary place and abandon all hope ye who enter. Every time I lurk around, I need to find an immensely fat man to cuddle to make the world seem right again.

And if there's anyone here from the Byrne boards visiting. Hello. If you can justify your little "boys will be boys" thread as not being porn, great. But it is. Just letting you know. If you think I'm full of shit, feel free to let me know. click right here to email me. I'd love for your input. or even if you to say hi and sy i'm going a good job. Email me too. I'll take all comers

Just read it yourself. Just thinking about makes me want to cry.

So yeah. Having a needle in your chest is not fun. I am in no doubt that you all didn't think otherwise. But I am just cementing that fact into you minds with first hand experience. OUCH. I have to have a physical on Friday morning. I don't know why, but every time I go into these exams and stuff, I'm constantly paranoid that I'll walk out with no chest hair. I'd be happy to do it, but still, I'd like some prior knowledge as I'd prefer to do it myself.

And following on from Monday's rant, I'm keeping this up. Make me proud.

I'd like you guys to do me a favour and email Kyle over at at Fyshbowl Comics and tell him to update more often. No effort required, just copy and paste the following and send it off to to kyle at this address here. Just click..

Dear Kyle

It has been brought to our attention, by the wonderfully talented, funny and mostly handsome Adam Murray of the indispensably hilarious www.drasticcomics.com that you haven't updated your comic since July.

We know you must be intimated by Adam's considerable talents in terms of his artistic ability and his sheer sexual magnetism, but chin up there fella. Get your head back in the game. The only way you'll fail is by not trying, so there are no excuses.

Love you lots like Jelly Tots.

So copy and paste and email it. Everyday if you can. I will. Dude needs to do more comics. I know you can all bug the shit out him guys. Team effort

See you on Monday.

Rants are hard, I don't know how Adam does this every week. Aside from anything else, I just haven't found anything interesting to comment on.

Except that Ireland actually has a tiny amount of good non-alcoholic beers. Yes that's right, a week and a half into my 3 weeks of soberness and I remember I can drink NON-alcoholic beer. Sometimes I wonder how I manage to get up in the morning without hurting myself...........

This last while has been unpleasant, I hate being the only person sober in the pub. I wonder how people do this on a regular basis. Though I did actually find it much easier once I realised about non-alcoholic beer. Which I found a little comforting! It's nice to know I'm not so much addicted to alcohol as just the taste of it! It's like someone telling me to give up chocolate......which I would find equally hard to do........

The one thing that really knocks me out during this whole thing is Ivan. He didn't have to quit, but he did to support me. I don't want to say I'm proud of him, because I don't think I have the right, that boy kicks ass though. Even if i did trick him into saying he'd quit while he was drunk....... he's stood by me, he rocks!

So yeah, my first rant, don't know if I'll make a regular appearence, since I come across horribley whiney. But I might pop in every now and then to say hey.......
A welcome poke if you've joined us from smbc-comics, as ever should anyone feel the need to contact me email evilmnky@drasticcomics.com

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