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 Real Dolls Do NOT Count

Real Dolls Do NOT Count
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Hey there!! If you're here from SMBC and proving that advertising and shiny colours do work, HELLO!!! Take a look around, read the archives. You'll like it trust me. And if you do, tell me, as I'm desperate for praise, like a child who gets locked in a cupboard. And even if you want to tell me I'm a fuckwit and you could shit a better webcomic, that's cool too. Once again, I'm desperate for attention.

You can reach me at drasticadam@gmail.com and I promise to respond to every email I get.

I know that was the start of last weeks rant, but seriously, I'm a whore fucking desperate for attention. The sooner we all acknowledge it and accept it, the happier we'll all be. Ok? That a deal?? Cheers. Hooray.

Speaking of emails, I'd like you guys to do me a favour and email Kyle over at at Fyshbowl Comics and tell him to update more often. No effort required, just copy and paste the following and send it off to to kyle at this address here. Just click. Ooh I'm fancy today.

Dear Kyle

It has been brought to our attention, by the wonderfully talented, funny and mostly handsome Adam Murray of the indispensably hilarious www.drasticcomics.com that you haven't updated your comic since July.

We know you must be intimated by Adam's considerable talents in terms of his artistic ability and his sheer sexual magnetism, but chin up there fella. Get your head back in the game. The only way you'll fail is by not trying, so there are no excuses.

Love you lots like Jelly Tots.

So copy and paste and email it. Everyday if you can. I will. Dude needs to do more comics. And if you nag him he'll do it for the best reason I can think of to do anything : OUT OF SPITE. Its the best reason to continue on doing anything, just to fuck with people.

Hopefully this will work and he'll have some comics up soon. And remember kids today's watchword is: harass Kyle.

See you on Thursday

© 2005,2006 Adam Murray