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 No One Ever Takes That Into Account

No One Ever Takes That Into Account
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WHAT'S UP TRUE BELIEVERS???? THIS FUNKY STYLE RIGHT HERE. That is indeed whats up. Man check this out. I mean look at it. How gorgeous is it?? Almost too gorgeous I would say. Just whoa. I would like to thank The extremely talented and lovely Ms. Sarah Gleeson and the outrageously capableMr. Dermo Delany. Without their expertises, this sit would be a crock of dogs mess. Seriously. I can tell cheap joke about bodily functions, but that's it. You guys are just plain awesome. Thank you so very much. This is more than I could have hope for. Much much more. Thank you both again. You guys rock.

Back to the mundane folks, click right here for lasts weeks strip. Sorry for the mix up, but look around our new home. I think its worth it. Also, I'm not saying Spider-Man has a mediorce set of cash and prizes. But that's for another day and more importantly another webcomic to decide. Also check me out. this Black Cat is the first woman I've drawn in too long that I didn't know. Awesome.

And although if Felica Hardy was a real, breathing person, then sure she'd be as sexy as hell. But she's a drawing and using words like that to describe a drawing of a woman touches on one of biggest pet peeves. Pointless and gratuitous T&A in comics or "Cheesecake" art. God I just hate it so much. Take All Star Batman And Robin the Boy wonder for example. If you told me this book would have cured cancer, I would not be surprised in the least. . I think my reaction probably would have been "aww, ONLY Cancer?? what a letdown" But i digress.

The opening pages of All Star Batman are some of the most disturbing in comics history for me. A five page Montage of Vicki Vale changing for her date with Bruce Wayne. It was the sheer audacity that peeved me off. Here was this woman, walking around her apartment as if it was some Victoria's Secret fashion show and licking the damn Martini off her fingers..........grumble.........We are then presented with a shot looking through the gap between her legs under her backside. There are very few words that could convey my disappointment with Miller and Lee. I mean whats the point of these images? Can you tell me? I'd love to know.

Thats it for now.

See you guys later

© 2005,2006 Adam Murray