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 What if Gabe and Tycho Jumped off a Bridge??

What if Gabe and Tycho Jumped off a Bridge??
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Ok, so this is my attempt to jump on the bandwagon. Everyone else is doing a World of Warcraft strip so why not I? I feel weird doing a gaming joke, as if i'm a sheep in wolf's clothing, punching above my weight. I don't play that many games, but when i do, i really enjoy them. And I cannot fathom how people can play games on a PC. Just trying to control Max Payne using the keyboard and mouse gave me a headache worse than listening to the dialogue. I'm fine with playing Zelda, Viewtiful Joe, and Prince of Persia and getting my ass comprehensivley kicked by Gill, every goddamn time we play Soul Caliber on my Gamecube. I like games, I just wouldn't water down your ranks by calling myself a gamer. I'm all rusty. That being said, I died a little inside when i heard The legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess was pushed back to 2006, when all indications pointed it to having its ass played off by this Christmas. I know 2006 could mean January 2006, but it could equally mean December 2006. Pooh sticks.

So, DC are sueing the Kathleen Chambers Fine Arts Gallery in Manhattan, for exhiiting the works of Mark Chamberlain. (also, that link is hardly safe for work) Chamberlin's work in the gallery depicts Batman and Robin in several homo erotic poses. The Gallery has been told to hand over all unsold works and the website Artnet has been forced to take down the images from its website.

Way to go DC. Really smart move fella. How many people knew about this gallery and this exhibition?? on global scale, no one. Until you and came in and stomped all over it and now the whole world knows. I mean it'm sure its important to stamp this out, because I have never ever ever saw anything innapropriate in their relationship till this nasty artist came along and ruined my beloved heroes. I don't think they have anyone to blame but themselves. They were the ones you made him 12 years old and put him hot pants. Seriously, even in 1938 or so, when ever Batman #4 came out with the first apperance of Robin, it must have looked odd. I know it was different time or whatever, but still, I'm sure the people of the time were thinking "Golly, that's pretty Gay".

Bah, thats got me annoyed. I'm sure if Chamberlain had depicted Catwoman being pleasured by Batgirl, DC would have started to form a queue and charge admission. What is it about guys who like guys that freaks people out??

But this could be a simple copyright thing. I know of a guy who selling batman sketches on ebay and was issued with a cease and desist warrent by DC lawyer's. I'm going to say it was the gay stuff first, and the copyright infrigment second.


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