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 Not An Ounce of Precognition

Not An Ounce of Precognition
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So, when do you know that you've gone too far?? When presented with unpleasant and/or perplexing situations you start swearing in mock Chinese?? Or how about even when you know that theme tune sucks, you cannot help singing it to your self??

So, first off, I would like to say, as if you didn't already know, SAVE EVERYTHING!!!!! Jesus Christ....This comic almost didn't happen till Wednesday because I'm a fucking retard. You see, I'm off today for Wexford to see my relatives from London who are kicking back down in the sunny south east. But more importantly, I get to see my niece, Orla (yes I know they spelt it wrong. Oh well). She's like 15 months and I've yet to meet her and I'm pretty excited about this. When i say "niece" she's not really. She's my cousin. But I get to be her Honorary Uncle as I'm quite frankly, the shit. So, yeah, that'll rock.

But back to the story of my immense retardation. I was in a hurry to get shit done, so I just didn't bother saving. Yep. Thank the sweet, sweet Lord I am this pretty. Anyway, Windows had been bugging me for me to restart the machine so it could install some updates or some shit. It was so insistent that these updates be installed and the computer to be restarted, that every fifteen minutes or so I'd get a little prompt asking me did I want to restart?? I'm sure if it had a voice it'd be politely forceful. You know that voice, that two drinks away from breaking your legs voice. But boy, did Windows REALLY want either me to restart of these updates to be installed. or maybe it was a perverse mix of the two, because if i did nothing, the computer would restart all by itself if I did nothing. Yes, I think you can see what's coming next and yeah, its not pretty.

I was like half way through the third panel when my folks came back. This would have been around 10:30 or so. They too had come back from the sunny south east, for when it comes to visiting relatives in small summer houses, my family excels at Round Robining. But yeah, they came back, I helped them unpack and whatever, and then when I came back upstairs......yes, you guessed it. It all went to shit.

The computer had restarted all by itself, and all the work had been lost, because (all together now) I am a fucking retard. Cue me staying up till half 3 finishing this motherfucker. But I think it looks awesome. I did something different that what I normally do, and I think it payed off. try and guess what it is.

At the start of this rant, thats a reference to Firefly. i don't mind being sucked in too much, because its evrything I've wanted from Live action programming. Just how fucking awesome is Joss Whedon?? I'll tell you, he's really fucking awesome. Most people would be happy claiming responsibility for Buffy, Astonishing X-Men or Firefly, but all 3?? Motherfucker.

See ya guys

© 2005,2006 Adam Murray