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 The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem...

The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem...
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Hey guys, hope you had a kick ass time at Witnness. Not Oxegen. WITNNESS. I don't care how Heinekin try and market it up, it will always be Witnness in my heart. Like the time Spider-Man had the black costume? uh uh. Always red and blue for me. By the way, I always take any event in the real world and reference it to something from Batman or Spider-Man. Get used to it. I remember when i broke my knee, one of the first things I thought after the profuse swearing was "well, its not as bad as the time Bane crippled Batman." i may need to seek professional help.....anyway.....

Yup and shock horror this weeks strip is...a part one. Yeah, I have an actual little story worked out. Well, its not story, just a series of jokes I wrote set up humuliate me. So there. I takes a very special type of writer to pull off a continueing story using a webcomic format. We can all name a few comics that try to focous on plot and just aren't funny. But, thank God Jeph Jacques isn't one of them. Questionable Content rocks.

Questionable Content was reccomended to me AGES ago by some friends. I know this sounds shitty, but after bash.org, I cringe whenever someone else reccomends me something. Bash.org was declared to be the mecca all funny to me by some close friends, and honestly, having a hobo shit his diseased, filthly homeless faeces into my mouth would have been a more enjoyable experience. Yeah, I hate Bash.org. It's the anti funny. A black hole of comedy.

But Questionable content really knocked me for six. Its a really cool comic. My main problems with "slice of life" comics, or don't have a prequisated mandate, like gaming, always strike me as a bit of wish fulfilment. But not this. This is really cool. I honestly believe in these characters. So much so that i went out and bought some Arcade Fire and Modest mouse cds, purely on the basis that "Well if the dude from QC likes them...."

Yep. I'm That easy and impressionable. Watch out.

Anyway, if don't already, check it out at http://www.questionablecontent.net. Or i'll hunt you down and make you read X4. I'm THAT serious.

Speaking of easy sells, All Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder is out this Thursday. The mandate for these All Star books, is All Star talent on All Star characters, and in my opinion for Batman, you can't get anymore All Star that Frank Miller and Jim Lee. I'll repeat that, so it can settle in. Frank Miller and Jim Lee. Oh yes. Man, Frank Miller would be draw enough on his own, but with Jim Lee??? Hot Damn. Essentially, Frank Miller writes THE Batman, the quintessential example, for which we all try and follow. He reigorated Batman with Year One, through ebding him, gave not only Bruce Wayne, but comics in general new life with Dark Knight returns. he also, got the Joker to beat Robin's skull in with a crowbar, while wearing a Safari hat. That was awesome.

And Jim Lee is just on the best artists working today, no doubt. Not only that, but he's massively talented in all areas of the industry. he's a pretty servicable writer AND he's the editor of Wildstorm. He's also responsible for selling more copies of a single issue than anyone else in history. (X-Men #1 shifted EIGHT MILLION COPIES). Suffice to say, he's great. Its also, reported that Jim Lee is the nicest man in comics. i haven't met him, but if he wants to come over to Ireland, I'd be all down for finding out. HINT: COME TO IRELAND, JIM!!!!!!

Anyway, thats enough for now, see you guys soon

© 2005,2006 Adam Murray