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 By This Stage You Think I Would Have Learned

By This Stage You Think I Would Have Learned
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Ok, this strip came about because i'm in this week's Fyshbowl. To be honest I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but I'm sure it'll rock. I'm in it. I'm dying to see what I look like drawn by someone else.....

Well, my third home (thats www.millarworld.tv for you not in the know) relaunched on Friday the first of July, and in attemptto massage Mark Millar's ego, we all went out drinking. Across the world. Yep there were drink ups in London, Leeds, Chicago, San Fransico, Florida and Seattle. I was going to make a comment about teh Live8 of drinking, but no. Just no.

for photos, check out http://www.millarworld.net/index.php?showtopic=51111

So it was pretty wierd meeting people from boards. Not uber weird just strange. Colm Mc Grath was half expecting me to to be two dimensional. haha. Was also called a grunger by someone. I was a Daredevil tshirt that said "I am you God" so I guess, "grunger" was a shock and lets face it, a massive change from "fatass nerd" ahem. It was a cool, cool night. Always great going for beers my comic book friends. Always fun chatting about comics all night while getting drunk.

I also had the chance to read Ultimate Fantastic Four #21 aswell. Its out in the next couple of weeks and oh my God, buy this comic. Its wriiten by Mark Millar and the extraordinary Greg Land. WOW, this guy is good. There's an opeing splash page of Ben Grimm, knocking out a dinosaur that was so good, I wept inside. Just buy it. You won't regret it. At all. And if you do, tought shit, jock, why don't you go play some sports?? huh? alright?

Ok, I'm gone

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