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 Its not all true....I have a beard in real life

Its not all true....I have a beard in real life
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Whoops late again. Most of you know why it was late, so I'm not going to waste your time with my whinging AGAIN. *hopefully* we'll have another comic by Friday and I'll get the comics out twice weekly from now on. Hopefully.

As some of you know, my Dad got a job with EU as a Police Specialist and has moved to Belgium for the next two years. He's been back home a few times but last week was first time to see him in Belgium and i have to say unequivocally,


Its a fantastic city. Like Paris, but really laid back. It also has a fantastically clever and efficent public transport which make me want to cry every time time I step on Dublin public transport. Except the luas. That rocks. But Belgiums a great city and i can't wait to go there again. And its nothing to do with fact that have more types of beer than God does,. WOW and they have no qualms about serving this decious nectar in 75cl glasses too......mmm beer.

So thats all for now, I've got to get cracking on the new site and whoring myself out to get some advertisers. And of course, fridays comic....

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