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Fear Us For We Are Legion
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Ok, I just want to get this out there, over and done with. I am totally Gay for Batman. Goddamn, Batman Begins is one of the most enjoyable films I've ever seen. I'm going to as far as to say not only is it the best superhero movie ever, but one of the best films in recent memory.

Just unbelievably good. I really wish I was a child again, so I could appreciate this properly. I mean how cool would it be watching that film as a seven year old? Pretty damn cool I'd reckon. I reckon it'd be akin to Empire Strikes back in my mind. Just WOW.

Also, I'm thinking of labelling June the 16th "Nerd Day" in my calendar. This is what happened on this years "Nerd Day". I got up, went to see Batman Begins, hung out in The 3rd Place ALL day, then went to Batman Begins AGAIN with the guy who owns and runs The 3rd Place, Mr. John Hendrick. What a great film. I won't go into spoilers, but as a Batman fan it was absolute perfection. Nolan, and Bale just nailed what is to be Batman. The version we got is on par with the Batman from Batman: The Animated Series it's that good. It's an amazing film, I can't wait to see it again.

Also, the film has made me the see the light. For years, I've been struggling for who to choose, Batman or Spider-Man, and now Batman Begins has shown me the way. Batman rocks mighty ass. Although Spider-Man is a FANTASTIC character who I love, I just prefer Batman. Also there are so many GREAT Batman stories out there. Does Spider-Man have anything in his library that compares to Year One, The Man Who Laughs, Long Halloween, Dark Victory, The Killing Joke, Hush, Arkhum Asylum or the mighty Dark Knight Returns?? Nope, not really. All we have in my mind are Millar's Marvel Knights run on Spidey, Spider-Man Blue, and the first Straczynski's arc on Amazing Spider-Man. I'm hoping to add Peter David's and Mike Wieringo's Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man to the GREAT Spider-Man Stories list, but it's not out yet. And let's forget All Star Batman by Frank Miller and Jim Lee out in July.

Bottom line, Batman wins. That's even ignoring the aforementioned animated series, which in my opinion the best cartoon ever.

Anyway, you should all check out Fyshbowl comics. You can check it out at fysh.keenspace.com. They're a pretty cool comic from Cork and Kyle has some great taste in comics, but his lack of faith in Superhero comics, or as he calls them, "Perv suit Comics" worries me, but he's still a pretty cool guy.

I'll have more soon, and don't forget to pick up Malsaine if you haven't already.

See you on Monday

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