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 Worst Excuse For A Late Book Ever

Worst Excuse For A Late Book Ever
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FINALLY!!!!!!! We're back up. Sorry about all the hiatus. This won't happen again for the foreseeable future now that I'm feeling better and college is over an done with. I have to say that was the quickest three years I've ever done. I mean seriously, it seemed liked yesterday when we sitting around all awkward and shit. Now We're all finished and its taking awhile to process. I'll try and get my classes stuff online so you can bow down to my greatness, because we do indeed rock. Rock hard.

I also want to thank the illustrious Dave Hendrick for providing the draft of the script you're reading now. Cheers man. If you haven't already, read Malsiane. Just go into the 3rd Place(round the corner from the trinity Arch Hotel on Dame Street) and tell them Drastic sent you when you pick it up. You won't get a discount, I just want to feel like a big man the next time I go in there.

In terms of the comic, i have nothing against Bendis or Dissembled.=20 Although the actual comic read like a bad sitcom, what came out of it fantastic. New Avengers and Young Avengers are probably some of the strongest titles out there, and for that I'm happy. Its just a shame Hawkeye had to die like one of the Three stooges?? Couldn't he have just taken his quiver off? If he's gonna die fine ( I think i can wait the eight months it can take for a Marvel character to resurrect themselves.) but for god sake, the dude fought crime with a fricking bow and arrow, show him at least a bit respect....anyway....

GO AND SEE SIN CITY. That's all that needs to be said. Its a behemoth of a film and deserves to be seen in the cinema. Its is the most faithful adaption(comic book or otherwise) to grace our screens ever. I don't know how exactly this can be topped in terms or a perfect adaption. GO SEE SIN CITY!!

Got the Foo Fighters Album. Its an amazing piece of work. Well not amazing, just incredibly good. Its a lot stronger than There is Nothing left to lose and One by One and the whole approach sounds a lot more natural. I've convinced myself that they recorded the thing live, and it sounds a lot more free because of it. Don't taken my word for, get it yourself!!!

That's enough ranting for now. See you next week, when I'll be fit to bursting about Batman Begins.

© 2005,2006 Adam Murray