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Tough Love Without The Sodomy
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Ok, bright new day on the bright new schedule for Drastic!!!! As of today, there will be a new comic up every Monday. Look at me all enthusiastic. Moving onward...

BUY MALSAINE!!!!!!!!!! I know thats a little biased of me, but you should. this is a fantastic new book. And you want to get on the band wagon for this one early folks. It is a truly original looking comic and it is well worth the 3.80. Seriously, the industry here is going to explode in the few months and you should all be on the train early by getting this. Mark my words the industry is going to be doing big things, BIG things and Imprint Comics are going to be the front runners. The future here look great.

As for today's strip, and like most of the most recent strip, its been inspired by threads on Millarworld. It all started when Millar posted the link to new Superman Costume. The Speed at which this grew scared the shit out me. It went to 10 pages in under 6 hours. And yes, you guessed it; it all went very, very nerdy. You want to say it sucks, sure, go ahead, it's a free country and it's your opinion. Everyone's entitled to voice their opinion, its that very notion that the internet was based on. Well, that and porn. It was probably porn first, opinion second, but I don't see the internet being used for porn helping me make my point.

Anyway?what got me wasn't the nay saying, but it was the level of irrational nay saying and the naivety of the posters. 3 pages on how the shield's "too small" 3 pages on how they don't like the Super-undies (Jesus Christ we get it, you think the super-undies look silly. Its worked for years, FOR years, so its not going anywhere. Besides, anything they changed the costume, it been horrendous. Just horrendous. So relax ok, live with it). There was a page insulting Brandon Routh, saying what a bad actor he is and how he physically can't be Superman. God?.don't you people have any faith whatsoever in Bryan Singer?? The guy knows what he's doing.

And here is what really pissed me off. There was like 3 pages of "OMG, we have to show this thread to WB right now!!!!!


That amazed me. In every way possible. I mean, we're all adults here, and we're cynical enough to realize how Hollywood works. As of right now, there are 317 posts on this topic with 10,527 views. So roughly, factoring in how many people read and don't respond and people who post multiple posters, I'd going to say, what 6,000 people don't it???? Ok, factoring in ALL the message boards, I'd say 20,000 people disapprove of the image a whole year before release. Boo hoo.=20 Boo hoo. I reckon 25,000,000 people will go see this opening weekend in United States alone and guess what? That 20,000 don't seem so big now does it??

And I guarantee you that number will drop significantly when the first trailers are released. Because believe me, this film will be the shit. before I change topic, here my post from Millar World which I think, sums up my "argument"

"QUOTE(Chris Vaughan @ Apr 24 2005, 10:59 AM)
Hey, forget the day Singer starts reading and listening to internet groups. All he has to do here is look at that manip. Good is good, right is right and that tweaking of the suit is visually much stronger and appealing than his version.

There we go, nail on the f*cking head.

Its HIS version. HIS. Not yours. If you hate it so much, go to film school, become a director and make your own Superman film for Warners.

If you took a poll out of all us internet fanboys two years ago when they were designing the new Batmobile, could we have even come close to what we're getting this summer? NO. and thats a good thing, because Batman Begins looks amazing. And I've been looking at the New costume and I like it. I really do. As of now, i am officially behind this. Myself, ryan higgins and everyone else who has the good sense and taste to agree with this decision, are going to have a whale of atime when you all flip flop and love the film. And believe me you will, when the first trailers come out and the first actual pieces of footage comes available, and when all of you are going "OMG, that looks great!!! I love the Costume" we're going to remember all your bitching and whining over this and make you feel silly indeed. Oh yes. We'll make you feel as foolish as every Zeppelin fan felt when Page palyed out of tune with fred durst.....just you wait..........

(i really wish there was a twirly moustache emoticon)"

You can check out the whole sorry mess here...

I'd like finish off by saying how much the new Batman trailer fucking ROCKS. This honest to God, looks likes the perfect Batman film. All my reservations has been quashed an then some. ROLL ON JUNE 22nd!!!!!!!

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