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 More Than Just A Truth

More Than Just A Truth
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Everything about this strip is true. If you're a man and you don't give up your seat on public transport, you may as well bring out an ad declaring the fact that you have a ridiculously small penis. You all disgust me. You complain that you have to stand for what, at most an hour? Believe me; you'll be grateful to able to that when you can't.=20 Like when you have another person growing inside of you perhaps.=20 Jesus. I know this won't happen, but what the hell. The next time you're on public transport, just give up your to seat to anyone that needs it. If everybody just made an effort to be a decent person, this would be a better place. And it wouldn't take a lot of effort on your part. Juts a little bit of common decency, and I swear to God, and this would be a better place.


On a lighter note, I just got The Incredibes on DVD :D . Jesus how I love this film. Its essentially redundant to talk about in terms of animation, so I'll talk about it in terms of story. It is without doubt, on the finest scripts I've ever seen. But is the best examination of what actually takes to be a superhero. The combination of the mundane and the fantastic makes something so believable, that in my eyes, that it trumps Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen, in my eyes. Ok not Dark Knight Returns, because that's got Batman in it

Speaking of Batman, I bought my first ever statue on Saturday. It's the first of the Batman Black and White line. The thing that I love about is that it's based on one of my favourite artists, Eduardo Risso. He is a fantastic illustrator and an amazing storyteller. Just take a look at any of his work on 100 Bullets. Simply amazing. Possibly the most spectacular aspect of Risso is the synergy he has with Brian Azzarallo. The synergy in itself isn't amazing, just look at Sale and Loeb, they practically work beside each other, with Loeb tailoring his dialogue to fit Sale's art. And at least Millar and Hitch live in the same country but Azzarallo lives in Chicago and Risso lives in Argentina!! I think that's fantastic. But anyway, he draws a GREAT Batman. Really nuanced, and quite clever too. I wouldn't be surprised if he worked out all the gear Bats needs in his utility belt, and designed all the pouches to fit. Yup. I'm a horrendous nerd, but you knew that already, didn't you?

Live Fast, Die Young and Stay Up Late.

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