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 I Say Potato, You Say Ripping Off Wholesale

I Say Potato, You Say Ripping Off Wholesale
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Much thanks to Sarah Gleeson. Without her help and patience, this strip wouldn't have gone up. may you stay short, drunk and straight forever! HUZZAH!

Yeah, this should have been up earlier, sorry about that. The more I try and put a schedule on ourselves, the more it seems to go out the window. But I am getting the hang of this though, the last two comics took roughly 6 hours each to do, which is pretty good, consider it took about 4 days for us to this. Yeah I need to find a better pen for doing these. I used to use my trusty ol' nib and ink but that was WAY too labour intensive considering how tight we are for time. I need to invest in some quality brush pens and technical pens.

Man these strips are getting so true to life, I'm getting ashamed to leave my house. Also, if it wasn't already obvious, this is a shameful attempt to get some traffic by baiting those media moguls at Penny-Arcade to sue the living Christ out of us. Just because I said it was shameful, doesn't mean I don't want it to work...

Speaking of traffic, we should have posters ready to go by next week and that goes for fliers too. And if I can squeeze it in I'll get a banner together and buzzcomix here we go!!! Also there might be a possibility of a sketch dump appearing on the site. Would you guys like to see the random crap that appears in sketch book most days? Bearing in mind it's mostly Batman, Cowboys and Spider-Man, would you guys like that?? Email me and we'll see what we can do.

Speaking of cowboys, they seem to have taken over my life. I'm in the process of storyboarding my final project and I forgot how involved doing storyboards are. I'm actually terrified to think what I'd be like doing these if I haven't already got a really clear idea what I want to do. I'm already consigned to the fact that an all-nighter will be pulled just to finish the pencils, never mind the inking (yes, I am *that* anally compulsive) but I can't imagine what I do if I didn't know exactly what would happen. Yeah I do. I know exactly what I do. Drink my self stupid and watch the West Wing. Oh what a predicable beast I am...

Speaking of that I have storyboards to do.

Live fast Die Young and stay up late.

© 2005,2006 Adam Murray