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 Easy Listening, being Easy to Listen To.

Easy Listening, being Easy to Listen To.
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Its pretty sad to say that best thing about Katy Perry is her chest. The only thing she has to offer the world is that her boobs are bigger than average. Wow, congratulations. She must be real proud of herself. She has been reduced to a physical object because thats all she has. Its certainly not her music.

I kissed a girl, and I liked it, she sings. Oh wow, really? How is that a fucking revelation? Kissing girls is awesome. I heartily recommend it. In fact, I have no idea why women want to kiss guys at all. When faced with a choice between kissing someone who looks like me or kissing someone who looks like my girlfriend, and even though I am a narcissistic monster, I would choose to kiss someone who looks like my girlfriend every time. Because women are just tons more attractive than men. And the men that are super attractive are more than likely want to kiss other similarly handsome men, so thats not even an issue.

What Im saying is, Katy Perry (yeah, like she is even reading this) that saying that kissing a girl was an enjoyable experience is about as ground breaking and original as saying hey, I dont think that George Bush guy is very smart. Why is he the American President?? Perhaps an even more obvious song title could be I mainlined heroine, and I liked it.

Sexuality is an immensely private thing, and to merely exploit it without providing a way to provide context or at the very least, discuss the issues, is a hugely irresponsible waste of time. How did it become ok for two girls to kiss, but if two guys want to get it on, its like the world is about to end? Whats up with that? How fair is that? Oh wait, its not. Its bullshit. Ive said it before, and Ill say it again. Gay people are fucking incredible. To put up with the amount of awfulness they must endure just for being themselves, surely must make them worthy of our respect?

Oh wait, It seems it does not. Fucking hell, what is wrong with us?

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