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 It's a Big Crowd, Just a Tight Shot, I Swear

It's a Big Crowd, Just a Tight Shot, I Swear
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If youíre a Mormon who is not Donny Osmond, I donít know what to tell you. Itís certainly not sorry. But on the off the chance that Donny does read Drastic, no hard feelings ok?? Itís definitely nothing personal. I canít think of any Mormons that actually bad people. Well, there is Mitt Romney, but I think heíd still be a ineffectual mouth breather no matter what his creed.

Like I said, itís nothing personal against your religion. This is really about how we perceive all religion. And especially how we can compartmentalize such complex things as faith in terms of good, bad, right and wrong. When you get down to it, all Religion is flawed. There is no right and wrong. Itís shocking to me that we can actually say that one belief system is wrong while remaining silent over the others.

Letís talk about the Scientology debate first of all. When you think about it, itís no more a dangerous force than Catholicism or Christianity in general. A important corner stone in the anti scientology debate is the amassing of wealth that seems to be going on. Ummmm, seriously?? Did you not notice Vatican City?? The pope living in a palace?? Is owning your own country somehow ok if itís landlocked?? If they owned a private island, would that break the loophole?? (possibly with a Jesus carved into a volcano; Iím just brainstorming here)

Another argument is about the amount of control exerted by L. Ronís Hubbardís followers in the media. Sure, that is important. But nothing compared to the sheer force the religious right has over the American government. Their Iron grip is nothing short of terrorism. So I guess blocking youtube videos is just as bad as nearly killing kids to overturn Roe v. Wade. Iím not saying that any children has been directly murdered by Pro Life people. But Iím pretty sure it wouldnít be that much of a choice if they knew it would benefit them in this battle for moral superiority and control.

Sure, evil Lord Xenu banished alien souls and they are the reason for bad emotion. Of course itís fiction. Of course its absurdity. But has anyone read the book of Mormon?? I have more faith in a child telling you about their how they invented rocket boots and went on adventures with a space werewolf, but he canít show you the rocket boots because he lost them and has forgotten how how to make another pair. Please. I understand that proof negates faith, but the bible is essentially a massive collection of folk tales and they are first had witness accounts or knew someone who was there. The buck stops and starts with Joseph Smith.
Joseph Smith Jr made L. Ron Hubbard look like a sincere historian. He was a liar, a charlatan, and nearly brought about a Civil War.

I was given a very fine Jesuit education, by the way. No matter my personal musings on faith, alot of what I was thought secedes religion. Per Vias Rectas, by straight ways is a very important lesson we can all follow. And it doesnít matter if your main man is Jesus, Moses or Mohammed (blessings and peace be upon his name), we can try and be a man for others. Which I try and be every day.

To believe in a higher power is to lose all faith in humanity. If we agree to Godís will, we have accept a very grim morality. Passing off a horrendous, unacceptable loss of life as ďpart of Godís planĒ tells us that ultimately, we are not important and our grip on this world in tentative at best. I donít believe in God. I believe in people and our innate capacity for good. So itís up to us.
Iím in yr lvjoornlz, makin da commntz
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