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 Gustatory, being of taste

Gustatory, being of taste
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It feels odd to do this. Itís been awhile since I was actually comfortable doing it, to be honest. I havenít kept Drastic updated like I should because, I just wasnít able to. When this dry spell started last year, I couldnít even make a mark on page, let alone bring something to completion. Staring at a blank page felt like I was staring into some sort of abyss. Trying to make a sketch, let alone a comic, filled me with utter dread. I was starting to find the very idea of trying to be creative incredibly claustrophobic. So I just stopped.

Sure, I put up some comics in the mean time, and while I do really like that the Richard Dawkins one, my heart just wasnít in them. I just wanted to do something, anything. And even still, I couldnít keep that up. Whatever manic energy kept me going in Halifax to do three strips a week dried up long ago.

But I honestly feel real joy coming back into my life, as pretentious, and new age as that sounds, its true. It all seems much less desperate now. So yeah, lucky you getting more comics about feces.

Ladies (and some guys, I guess), what is up with those fringes?? Answers on a postcard please.
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