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 A Very Important Question

A Very Important Question
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So, rants, I do those???

Yeah anyway, I've been shit with these updates, and unusually for me, I feel kinda bad about it. Well, obviously not *that* sorry, otherwise, I'd be doing these more. But anyway... how've you been?

To be honest, I've had assloads of college work to do. I'm in the processes of finishing my advertisement project (Which I'm sure will be put up when it's finished) and gearing up for my final project. Oh God. The fear and trepidation that runs its way through my body whenever I think about my (insert booming voice here) FINAL PROJECT (cough) has stopped being funny. It's hard to put into words, but yet here I go. I guess the main apprehension is the sheer scale and quality I'm being asked to produce and also there's a sense of finality, which is quite sad. My three years in Model Making have been so great and I've loved my time there. And know, in a couple of months, it'll all be over. And of course, there is the whole "Get a job/ real world" worries too. Yeah.

Also, in the next couple of weeks, expect some changes around here. First off Niall is working really hard on a new update system and a new site and believe me, it's going to be, now what's the word? Oh yeah, Awesome. And in the pre-production down time I'll have next week, I'll be making up banners, posters and flyers for every where. Mark my words, you won't be able to shit for seeing drastiCComics. And we'll be putting ourselves for public humiliation, sorry voting on buzzcomix too. More news on this soon. But over the next few weeks, you're going to see us become a LOT more professional around here. Also, can any one confirm that ourselves and Neko are the only Irish web comics? I'm sure there's more, I can't find any.

Also, if you haven't already, check out the 3rd Place's 50% off sale. The 3rd Place is on Crow Street, Temple Bar, just beside the back door of the Foggy Dew. In my opinion, it's the best comic book shop ever. Its got great friendly staff, who aren't up their own arses like other comic book shops I could mention, its always, repeat ALWAYS cheaper than Sub City and Forbidden Planet, and its just a really fun place to go to. And kids, here's another reason to make 3rd Place your shop of choice, because on the 29th of January, Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch, yes that's MARK MILLAR and BRIAN HITCH are coming to the store to do a signing. It really shames me that most of guys are going "didn't he write Dark Knight Returns?"


Millar and Hitch are currently doing the Ultimates, which is the "Ultimate" version of the Avengers. But don't let the whole super hero thing keep you away, because the Ultimates is something really special. Millar and Hitch have created something which reads more like the West Wing than the Avengers. This is "widescreen comics" at its very best folks. We have stories that focus more on character and personalities rather than Super heroics and it is so refreshing to read. And when the action pieces come, oh boy do they come. For a penciller such as Hitch, who modelled Nick Fury as Sam Jackson (and the resemblance is uncanny) you wouldn't think he could draw action while keeping that level of detail. But just wait to you see how "Super" Captain America is, you'll know what I mean.

Fuck all this gushing. I'll give you guys a look at The Ultimates and Millar's take on Spider-Man and Our boy, Wolverine and you'll see what I mean. This is such a rare occasion to have such fucking visionaries like these in Dublin, you're going to be sorry you missed it, so come along and meet two of most talented people working in comics today.

So that's January 29th, the 3rd Place. It's gonna rock.

And also, I would like to (consults Snoop's ghetto to cracker dictionary) ???oh yes??? "give props to my homeboy" Booby Mac as he is the first person outside of this core readership to really get the comic and Love it. He is also the first person to email us some fan mail. Bobby, you really are a Pimp


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