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 NOT a Continuity Error in Panel Two

NOT a Continuity Error in Panel Two
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Gill, took off her coat while she was going to the other side of the store, guys. But seriously, if you’re ever in a jam and can’t think of what to choice to make, just breathe, relax and ask yourself “what would Ernest Hemingway do?” More often than not, you will find your self on a tropical beach shooting a gun off into the air. Which we all have to agree is a pretty sweet outcome to most daily conundrums. It May not be the idea solution but t least you will get a few stories out of it.

So yeah, Voting. If you make with the clicky, you’ll see a drawing I did with pencils, pens and Markers, oh my! I might make all the incentives photos of actual drawings I’ve done, if you’re into it.

I would totally see a a Hart to Hart movie. Hell, I would happily see the movie if it was a narritive used to make the opening sequence into one 90 minute feature of awesome. Start off with a car chase, then have them jump off a building, into a masquerade ball, a quite bit of dangerous skiing, have a little second act bath and tandem bike interlude, have them turn into vampires (while roller skating) throw some dude into a whole bookshelf of Ming Vases, them top it off with a few explosions and have a dramatic snowmobile chase. Wouldn’t that be the BEST MOVIE EVER???

ZOMG!! Livejournal dramaz!! Well, make some!!
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