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 Suprisingly Non Anti-Semetic Defacement

Suprisingly Non Anti-Semetic Defacement
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In all fairness, I havenít been in a public convenience covered in graffiti in awhile. That probably says more about my resistance to shit in public and less to do with a respect for a nice clean wall. That being said, for all the Dubliners in the audience, The Ilac Centreís toilets are pretty fucking swanky. Seriously, hot water, paper towels AND great hand dryers. Truly, a trampís delight. And that is enough chatter about toilets.

Does anyone want a Drastic Wikipedia page?? Wiki is pretty strict about web comic based articles, so Iím hesitant. And they really frown on guys creating their own articles. This has nothing to do with me not having a fucking clue about to how to start a article, oh no. No sir.

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