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 Adventures in Uncledom, Part 2

Adventures in Uncledom, Part 2
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Hooray, more comics!! Oh man, how I wished this happened. While I was in London with my little nephew and niece, I went to a ballet recital Orla was involved. Apparently this was a big deal. When I got there, it wasnít really a recital, it was just a regular class which the parents (read: Mothers) and some hairy Irish dude were allowed to sit in on. It was a very bizzare and not to mention long hour of watching 3 year old girls skip. That was essentially it. There was a very important presentation on Good toes and bad toes, but yeah. Thatís all I can gleam from that. I hope if my hypothetical daughter ever decides to do ballet, she has a less ridiculous class than that. The instructor didnít even have the class to be some embittered, russian immigrant. I mean, seriously, has TV only lied to me??

Regular service will resume Monday. Because seriously, fuck drawing that beard. I have one more of these Uncledom strips to do which stars orla, but I canít think of anything at the moment that she would be allowed to read. Somehow, I donít think her mom and dad would be to keen on letting her see a comic where the punchline is HOT BITCHES HOT BITCHES HOT BITCHES HOT BITCHES. See what I mean?

Ok, on to something much more important. Iím invovled in a pretty special charity auction for the Candlelighters Foundation. The Candlelighters are a group which provide information and awareness for children and adolescents with cancer and their families, to advocate for their needs, and to support research so every child survives and leads a long and healthy life. Which we all have to agree is pretty awesome.

Anyway, my good friend, Thomas Denton is organising a massive charity art auction for the Candlelighters. Here is are all the details

Enjoy guys.
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